18.1: We Three, United at Last

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18: We Three, United at Last

I wiggled and shook my body, trying to break free of Gile’s grip as he sat on top of me, pinning me to the ground. I could hardly lift a finger and I started to think he was using some kind of magic field. However, I felt nothing radiating out of him. No heat. No Ice. Not a single spark of electrical energy that I came to expect from someone with magic. To make matters worse, whatever he was doing was keeping my magic at bay itself.

Everything around me was going to hell and I was completely and utterly helpless.

Abby was starting to run out of energy as she continued to not be able to make a single dent in the dragon. Her sword swung with feverish force and magic flew from the tips of her fingers. The blade scrapped against the dragon’s scale covered skin, but for the most part it dodged all attacks. The dragon was always two steps ahead of her as if it knew what move she planned to make before she made it.

Wind pushed out from the wings repeatedly knocking Abby on her rear. A sense of pride, mixed with extreme anger and fear, swelled inside me as I watched her climb back to her feet and lunge again. Determination kept her bouncing to her feet and she was relentless. While her fight was raging on, Terrick was starting to lose control of his magic. Lava spouts circled up toward the sky like a collection of tornados. They danced in their places ready to devour the land. One was so close to me I could feel the hairs on my arm start to shrivel up from the heat.

Terrick was still on his knees shaking violently. His eyes had remained closed, but the glowing mark of the sun was fully covering his body, though it had changed in color. An iridescent blue swirled all around him as his fingers were curled inward, jerking back and forth rapidly. Little white sparks exploded off their tips.

The sun inside him was just itching to go supernova.

Gile reached down and started petting my head. I could hear him slobber as he licked his lips watching the dragon and Abby fight. I tried to shake his hand off, but his nails dug into my skin just enough to hold my head in place. I cried out as I felt the blood ooze down the sides of my head, my pain brought even more enjoyment to Gile. From time to time I could hear him moan as if he was getting turned on by the fight.

“When I get free—” I started to warn, but he squeezed down harder, causing me to scream.

“Little star, little star, stars time will come. Patients little star.”

“The word is patience you jack ass!” I snarled.

He laughed. “I care not.”

Abby’s scream rung out as the dragon’s tail cut her straight across the arm. It made her drop her sword and fall to her knees. She was holding the wound, but I could still see the blood gush out from it, dripping down from beneath her fingers.

“Abby!” I cried.

“Devour, my love! Devour!” Gile cheered excitedly. He rose to his feet, standing on my back, and began bouncing up and down. His hands clapped rapidly and I could feel my back cracking under each bounce. “Little moon is yours!”

Abby tried to grab her sword and raise it again, but her grip failed and it immediately dropped back to the ground. She looked over to me sadly, unable to speak, unable to move, as the dragon inched in closer. Its head became so close each breath brushed her hair away from her face. Saliva dripped down onto Abby’s shoulder, singeing it as if the saliva itself was made of acid. The dragon ran its tongue all over her body making her scream as her skin boiled up from the liquid. I tried again to release myself, but the magic that bound me was too strong.

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