Facing My Fears

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Drapetomania: Noun; The overwhelming urge to run away.

I'm used to getting this feeling. I Get it so often. But I'm learning to deal with it. With facing my fears. Whatever they are. This is my story. Of how and why I ended up here. And my journey towards getting out.

August 10th, 2010.

When it all started. When my parents decided I'd be better off here. In a mental institution. Because of what I did. Looking back it was horrible. But at the time, I had my reasons. I guess I should start from there, from the beggining.

" Honey, Jessica!! Come down stairs this instant!!" My mother yelled. I groaned and slowly rolled out of bed. The clock flashed 9:45 at me. To early to be waking up in the summer.

I walked downstairs and grabbed my bathing suit, my swim bag and ran out the door. I walked down the street and cut through yards to get to Tara's house. She'd been my best friend since I could remember. I walked up to her back door and let myself in. Right away I saw police men throughout the room. Tara's mom held a tissue to her face and her eyes were red and puffy, she had obviously been crying. My mouth dropped open as I stood frozen and looked around the room, to see Tara lying down on a white stretcher in the back. Tubes in her nose and mouth, her head bloody and bruised. I immediately dropped to my knees and started to sob.

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