London's Bad Boy: Chapter 4: Causing Drama.

Walking through the big wooden doors that lead to the gym, I noticed everyone seated on the benches. Amber wrapped her arm through mine, giving me a reassuring smile as we walked out front. 
"My name is Nicole Andersini," I told the middle-aged brunette that was looking at a clip bored. Her head snapped up at my voice and her smile dropped.
"Oh my gosh, what happened to your stomach... and clothes?" She asked me, a look of horror and confusion shining through her eyes.
"Well, um...” I started. 
"Blondie and Bimbo's were treating her like shit because she talked to Drew," Amber said. I looked at her strangely. 
"Oh, this is Carlos' sister," she told me laughing at my expression. I nodded my head in understanding and turned back to the teacher. 
"Oh dear. Well my name is Miss. Santiago, but you can call me Maria like half of the class," she laughed. 
"Okay," I smiled. 
"How about you two go over to the benches. I explained to the class already that we aren’t doing anything. You're uniforms haven’t come in yet and it's the first day so...” She trailed off. I smiled at her, nodding my head and turned to walk away with Amber in tow. 

I walked up the steps to the very back where I saw my brother and the rest of the boys. 
"We have gym together too," I smiled as I sat next to him. 
"How you holding up tiger? You look horrible," Jake asked, ignoring me. 
"Wow, you sure know how to put a smile on my face," I rolled my eyes sarcastically. 
"You sure took a nasty blow," Tye added. I shrugged my shoulders. 
"I'm alive, it's whatever," I said. 
"I like when you poured the milk on her head!" James laughed. I nodded my head, laughing along with the others as we talked about Blondie and her Bimbo's.
"Where's your shirt, slut," I heard the voice that I've grown to hate. Turning my head and looking up at the figure, I frowned. I watched as Carlos took a seat, leaving Drew standing in front of me. 
"It's drying. The stunt your little girlfriend played kinda ruined it," I told him, making sure my glare was strong and the bitch-ness in my voice didn't falter. He laughed, laughed!
"Yea, that was good," he smirked. 
"Yo, that's not cool. Her stomach is burnt, that could've caused serious damage," Jake said, glaring at Drew. 
"Hey, I didn't do it," Drew shrugged, moving away from us and over to some girls. I rolled my eyes crossing my arms. 
I seriously hate that boy.
"Look at her stomach!" Some girl laughed, and immediately all eyes were on me. 
"Where the hell is her shirt?" Another girl asked.  
Keep calm and carry on. Wasn't that the saying? I asked myself. Sighing, I made my way to my locker. 
"She looks like a bloody slut," I heard a male voice say. 
"What is she trying to prove?" Another voice asked. 

"Why don't you all f*ck off?" An angry voice said from behind me. 

Right on command, all eyes widened, leaving me and moving to the other figure. One by one, people started to head to class, leaving me alone with him.
I decided to ignore him and continue my way to my locker.  I opened it up, grabbed some homework, and made my way to Study Hall. 
Turning around I locked eyes with Drew's. Frowning, I walked around him and towards the library.

"Nicole, wait!" 

"Good joke," I called over my shoulder. I heard footsteps quicken behind me, making me speed up more. I grabbed the door, pulling it open, only for it to be slammed back shut. 

"I wasn't joking."

I took a deep breath, letting it out through my nose before gathering all the confidence; I didn't have, and turned around to face him.  As soon as I did, I tried to back away, shocked at how close he was to me. I took a step back, which didn't really work because the door was in my way. 

"How are you doing?" He asked seriously. His eyes boring into mine.

Alright, I'll admit it. I was beyond shocked right now. I was so shocked that I didn't even answer him. That shock was soon replaced by anger though, as I shoved him away from me. Opening the library door, I walked inside. I took a seat at the nearest table I could find and pulled out some math. I felt someone sitting next to me. Not needing to look up to see who it was, I took out my calculator and typed in the problem. 
That was until I was poked.

Ignore the idiot. I told myself.
Although, it is kinda hard to ignore when I'm being poked again and again, and again,and again, an-

"OH MY GOD, STOP!" I yelled, getting an angry glare from the elderly women at the desk. 
I pushed my chair back, standing up, only to be pulled back down. 
"I'll stop if you listen to what I have to say," he bargened with me. I narrowed my eyes at him and slowly relaxed in my seat, turning to look at him. 
"Yes Drew, what could you possibly need to say?" I asked with fake politeness. I crossed my arms over my barely covered chest.
"Well sunshine," he started. Something then lit up in his eyes and he lifted his hands up, gently brushing the hair out of my face. I held my breath as a small amount of fear and confusion washed over me. 
"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I knew what Rebecca was going to do the moment she eyed the soup. I should have stopped her love," He whispered. I just stopped and looked at him, shock was written all over my face. 
"Uh, thanks Drew?" I asked in confusion. 
Who is this boy in front of me? I know it's not cocky, bad boy, ass-brain, Drew Taylor. 
"So am I forgiven?" He asked, rubbing the back of his neck in embarassment.
"Sure," I smiled at him. I watched as his small smile turned into an evil smirk. 
"Really Nicole, I told you every girl falls for my charm," he said huskily, giving me a soft kiss on my cheek which burned my skin. He pulled away and began to walk way, stopping in front of my seat and turning around.
"I really didn't think you'd be this gulible," he smirked. 
Oh, shit.

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