Chapter Twelve

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Liam's POV

We finally arrived at Guam. This means we're getting closer to Zayn. Finally. I smiled as I stared out the airport's window. It's beautiful out here. I mean, the feeling is so refreshing. The sun is high, indicating that it's around noon or past noon. We just arrived a little while ago, and thank goodness nobody recognized us. When we got out and got our luggages, we quickly went to the restroom and put on our disguises. 

"Liam, let's go. We have to get a hotel." Louis said, taking me out of my trance. I smiled and nodded at him. As soon as we got out of the airport, the warm air slapped us immediately. I didn't know it was this hot! I took my jacket off and called a cab for us. He stopped right in front of us and smiled.

"Hi, welcome to Guam!" The man was around his thirties and very tan. He was kind of short and had a mustache. We smiled back at him and greeted him. He helped us with our luggages and got in the cab. 

"So, where to?" He asked. We all looked at each other as we didn't know the place. I looked back at the man and smiled.

"Uh, we don't know the place. So, would you show us to the best hotel here?" He smiled and nodded.

"We'll go to Tumon, then. It's a very famous spot for tourists and the best part about it, it's right down the beach and near the hotels." This man seems nice, maybe he can tour us around.

"Uh, sir? Is it possible if you can tour us around? We'll pay you of course." I said. I look back at the boys in the back seat and they nodded in approval. 

"Of course! I would be glad to." The man said. With that, we drove off. I looked out the window as he told us where we were at. 

By the time he dropped us off to Westin, he gave us his number just in case we needed him. We thanked him and said goodbye. I learned his name. Danny. What a nice lad. We went inside to the receptionist. She looks about our age or maybe older. She smiled once she saw us.

"Hafa Adai! Welcome to Westin, how may I help you?" She asked politely. Louis smiled back at her as he handled it.

"Do you really think Zayn is here?" Niall asked me. I nodded and took my phone out. I dialed Zayn's number and waited for the guy to answer.


"Yes, hello? Is this the man I was talking to the other day?" I asked. I hear him chuckle over the line.

"Yes. You called, so I assume you're here?" He asked. I nodded and felt dumb about it. He couldn't see me at all. 

"Yeah. Uh, is it possible for you to bring the phone to Westin hotel right now?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'll leave right now." He said. I smiled and thanked him once more. I turn back to Louis who was holding four keys.

"Liam, you're sharing with Niall and I'll share with Harry." He said. I nodded and we walked up to the lift. As we got in, I noticed the walls were made out of glass making you see the outside as you went up. This is nice. Louis pressed the fifteenth floor and the lift slowly went up.

We walked out and I followed as Louis looked for our rooms. He stopped in front of two rooms and opened one of them. Niall opened the other room beside theirs and we got in. The room was nice. It was just a regular room with two queen size beds, a bathroom, and a tv. Niall opened the door inside and revealed a smiling Harry. Huh. Joined rooms. I smiled back at him and set the luggages beside the bed.

"So, where are we going to start?" Harry asked as he got in using the door in his room. I was about to answer when I was interrupted by Louis' yelling.

"Look at the beach! Look at it! It's so beautiful!" He yelled jumping up and down as he ran in our room. I smiled and nodded.

"I know. I saw the pictures onli-" I was cut off by my phone, ringing. I see Zayn's number popping up and I answered it.

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