Chapter 2

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“Mom! Dad! I’m home!”

Tonraq and Senna had been expecting their daughter and were quick out their door to greet her.

Korra grinned gleefully as she ran to her beaming parents. She pulled them both into a tight hug.

“Welcome home, Korra.” Her mother smiled serenely down at her.

“My how you’ve grown. You’re almost as tall as me now, Korra.”

Korra laughed at her father’s words noting how he, as always, towered over her. She squeezed them both a bit more.

“I love you both. I have so much to tell you too!”

“Well come inside, darling. We’d love to hear about your tales, Avatar.” Senna teased and Korra laughed and the group made their way into their small hut. Inside was dark and Korra was quick to light the torch she knew was on the left wall. As the room brightened Korra gasped as many of her neighbours and friends jumped up, giving a yell of “Surprise!”

“By the spirits! Thank you all!” Korra laughed and moved to hug everyone. “You didn’t have to do all of this.” She motioned to the decorations about the house.

“Well it’s one of the few birthdays we get to spend with our daughter. Why not make them special?” Tenraq stood behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh yeah… It’s my birthday.” Korra breathed, only just remembering.

“It’s not like you to forget your own birthday! You really have changed a whole lot.” Senna smiled at her.

“Oh no, it’s just with the travelling and stuff, I completely forgot. Oh thank you guys.” Korra once again hugged as many people as she could. The joy in her heart was overwhelming her. After 5 years of travel and Avatar training, Korra was unused to this kind of warm love. She found she really missed it.

“Come on now. Enough with the hugs.” Korra’s mother, being the lady of the house began to usher everyone to seats. A few people sat on the couch, a few on buckets and other makeshift stools but the majority of people, specifically the younger ones, sat on the floor. Senna started dishing up bowls of Korra’s favourite, Sea Prune Stew. Korra’s stomach grumbled. She hadn’t had traditional water tribe cuisine in what seemed like forever to the girl.

As they awaited their meal, Korra told everyone about her adventures outside the village. She even added outrageous hand motions for the benefit of the children, all of whom were far older than she remembered.

They all laughed and she joked around with them. Soon they were all served and everyone began to chow down. “Mom, this is great!” Korra called to her mother across the room.

 “Well I made it just how you like it for your special day.”

The girl smiled. “Thanks, Mom.”

The men began to talk about happenings in the village that she had missed. Korra learnt of all the best hunting trips and the worst storms. She learned of the children who were born and the elderly who had passed away. Much had happened in the 5 years she was gone.

After everyone finished their meal, bowls were collected and a cake was brought out. Korra could tell her mother had made it. Baking was never her mother’s forte. The cake was plain with blue icing. On top there were was a shaky scrawl spelling out her name in white.

“This looks like you put a lot of work into it.” Korra complimented her mother.

“Well I did. It’s not the best but—“ She was interrupted by her daughter.

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