The Queen of all Immortals

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My name comes from a prominent ancestor, one that had power beyond compare. She never married, never loved, never even had children. . . or so was the common belief. I believe that she loved and lost just like another person in my family. I can’t call my life tragic, no not at all. However I do say that it is unfortunate, Morgain the unfortunate. My childhood was wonderful, my parents were loving all of the time and you could tell just by looking at them. I lived in a castle with my mother’s old nurse that I always called Mother Mary. She was almost a grandmother to me. My mother and father used to go down to the beach at dusk, their crimson power emanating from their entwined hands. I remember looking out my window to see the comforting red glow at night.

My parents were always wanting to travel somewhere, if we weren’t planning to go somewhere they would be planning to plan to go to a new island. Their favourite destination were islands, the seclusion usually meant safety to them. We went to a new island every summer. The summer I had turned nine we had set out for another new one, just the three of us. I was born with green power, my aptitude was most definitely earth. The trees always seemed to whisper to me.

I will never forget the summer I turned nine, the boat sailed without a single problem and the island looked so lush and green. I danced in a circle, the foliage blurring into one big green sheet. I couldn’t hear any birds, something was terribly wrong. There is always birds, they are never far away unless they have been disturbed. My father walked right into the trees, I was choking and I knew he was in danger. I couldn’t speak but my feet started to move, I saw my father and he was fine. One minute is all it took for things to change, in one minute there was a man standing over my dying father. The man had came out of the bush and plunged his spear into my father’s throat. I heard a scream rise from the beach and it triggered my pent up voice. Me and my mother screamed in unison, our voices entwining in the air.

The man was surrounded by others like him, green eyes, very sturdy and muscled. One grabbed me and two others raced off presumably to grab my mother. I was brought in front of the man and the one behind me pushed with little effort but to me it was immense, they all had this unnatural strength. I was forced to kneel before their king who had slain my father. My mother was also pushed down, her red power was no match for their green when she had no partner to strengthen it. I prayed they would not kill her too, the anguish in her face was almost too much for me to bear. The king tilted my chin up, looking straight into my eyes. I couldn’t take his icy green eyes for long, he then took a handful of my dark blue hair and brought it up to his nose. After smelling my hair he moved to my mother, clasping a weird bracelet around her wrist.

My mother began to scream again and I watched, mesmerized, as the bracelet melted into her skin. He laughed at her pain and said something to one of the other men, we moved through the forest and soon it was a huge clearing with a castle rising steeply into the clouds. There was a bunch of green women waiting with their wings outstretched, I had figured out that these people were faeries from following one. I had gotten a good look at the wings folded carefully into his back so they would not get in the way of his hunting. I had also figured out that they were hunting by the heavy and vicious looking weapons. The faerie women looked disdainfully down at my mother and curiously at me. One took my hand and guided me away from the men, I protested reaching out to my mother as she did the same, the woman just pulled me along. When I wouldn’t stop looking back she turned my head forcefully. I wept bitterly and even when I was enveloped by one of the strange women I tried to shove them away. I wouldn’t eat and I couldn’t sleep, one time I closed my eyes for just a moment and the death of my father came to me. I screamed until I was hoarse. The women must have said something because it only took a week for me to get my mother back. I was nearly dead and my mother looked just as bad, but to me it was the best present I had ever got. She fed me back to health and loved me back to life.

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