Highschool? Better or Worst then Fighting off the Supernatural?

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"Alright to school we go."

"Umm Marcie, how are we going to get there? I don't have enough magic left to get there?"

"We will take the T-Bird." She smiled.


The T-Bird is Marcie's car child, she won't let anyone touch, drive or eat in ( I have tried). Although it is a fairly cool, get- away car.  It has acquired some dings and some of the paint has chipped off and don't forget some vamp dust on the seats, from that one time we had a drunk in the backseat when the sun came up. Good times.

After Marcie led me around several buildings and two alleys,  we came upon one of those "pay ten bucks to park" parking lots. Knowing Marcie she didn't pay ten bucks. Instead she use some sort of vampire mind control on the person taking the money and or she drained them. She led me over to the very edge of the lot to were the extremely polished bright blue T-Bird sat.

"It was red last time I saw it."

"Yeah well, I got bored." she said walking over to the trunk of the car unlocking it.  She grabbed a blood bag out of a cardboard box.  "I love some O negative in the morning."  She started walking over to the drivers seat, and unlocked it

"Aren't those suppose to be in the fridge." I pointed to the half drained blood bag.

"I'm not picky." She said motioning to her plus size body. "You don't have any room to talk "Miss I have blood bags in my really cool leather bag." She said unlocking my door.

"For your information "Miss I have blood in my trunk." By the way I have ice packs in there." I slid in to the very comfy seat.  "Car is looking good ."

"Lets just say that mechanics are very good to me." She winked and backed out.


"Have you ever seen this coin before." I said passing the gold coin over to Marcie.

"Nope, but should you?  You are the White Witch here." She passed it back.

"I'm still learning," I said placing the golden coin back in my pocket.

"Sure..... you should probably fix your hair.  You look like you've just staked a vampire that was trying to kill you." She smiled as she turned into the lot.

"You're probably right. Say, how did you keep your hair so calm looking?" Her blonde hair was in a perfect side bun, not a hair out of place or a bobby pin showing.  Her make up was light and she had purple eyeshadow, that complimented her very pale skin and hazel eyes. She was wearing some dark wash jean and a purple blouse that made her not look super plus sized.

"Being a vampire has it's up sides, and down sides, such as not been able to lose weight ever." She look down at her self before quickly changing the subject. " It looks like we'er going to have to go shopping soon huh."  

"Yeah werewolf claws do a number on denim."

"Yeah and that dress isn't looking so good either ."    I looked down at my dress. She was right, there were several sequins missing.

"Well there goes my last remnant of the 70's, can't say I'm sad."

"Here's a brush and a mirror. FIX THAT HAIR." She shove them in my face.  I open up the compact mirror to see that my hair was in complete disarray.  Auburn fly-aways made my hair look like I rubbed a balloon on it.  I started combing my hair until the auburn waves shone.  After that I fixed the little eye makeup that around my amber eyes.  I moved the mirror down to wear that vamp strangled me.

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