Chapter 5

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I woke up the next day to the sun trying to push through the closed curtains, the sound of a guitar being played outside the room I was in, and the boys talking. I had a massive headache as I slowly sat up, rubbing my temple. I had absolutely no clue how I wound up in a hotel room bed but then I remembered what all had happened last night. I looked over at the clock that sat next to the bed. 2:00 P.M. I sighed and grabbed my phone, unlocking it and going to my messages. I replied to the ones from family and my closest friends then opened up facebook. I cleared out all my notifications and messages as I updated my status.

“Hello my loves… As you all have probably heard, Molly and I were leaving a party and got into a serious accident. It took Molly’s life and left me pretty beat up. Thank you guys so much for the prayers and sweet messages and I will keep you all posted. Love you guys <3”

I scrolled through my wall, reading the posts and liking them. I finally decided to get up and walked out of the room into what looked like a living room, joining all the rooms together. I heard all the boys talking and as I got further in, I saw 2 girls sitting at the table in the kitchen area, talking in hushed whispers. One of the girls glanced up and noticed me. She gave a small smile to the other girl then they got up, making their way towards me.

“Hello Kylie! My name is Eleanor and this is Danielle. We are Louis and Liam’s girlfriends.” The girl with the long wavy hair smiled. I nodded as the girl with extremely curly hair spoke “We heard all about what happened and we just wanted to say how sorry we are. But, El and I are here to help you as much as we can. So, how about we get you showered up then get you some food, okay?” She asked. I glanced at the boys who had been watching and they smiled, nodding as Eleanor and Danielle pushed me back towards the room I had just walked out of.

30 minutes later I had managed to shower, get dressed in some high waisted shorts and a tribal print shirt, leave my hair down in its natural curls, do some form of makeup and throw on some converse. I walked out of the bathroom to be greeted by Eleanor handing me my phone and then both girls linking their arms in mine, walking out of the room.

“We’re taking Kylie out! See you guys later!” Danielle called over her shoulder as we headed for the door. A collective bye was shouted back as we exited the room and then out of the hotel into the downtown Dallas city.

“So Kylie, this is your city. Where should we go?” Eleanor asked, a smile plastered on her face. I chuckled at her enthusiasm and glanced around, “Well, there is this great Italian café right around the corner-“ “Perfect! Let’s go!” She exclaimed, dragging me and Danielle behind her.

2 hours later we had finished our food and had really gotten to know one another. These girls were honestly the sweetest thing ever. I could tell I was really gonna get along with them. The talking had stopped and I could tell Danielle was going to ask the question I had been waiting all lunch for.

“So Kylie, do you mind telling us the whole story of the night, please? We want to know so we can help”

I sighed and fiddled with the hem of my shorts, glancing up at the girls who were staring at me, waiting for an answer.

“My friend Isabel was having a mid-summer party up at her family’s lake house. Molly and I decided to go and we did. It was getting pretty late, around 11:45 and our curfews were getting closer so we decided to leave. We didn’t drink at the party, to be honest there wasn’t even any alcohol at the party. We were driving down the road, jamming out to the radio and it was raining. We pulled up to a light and were just talking when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bright pair of headlights rushing towards Molly’s side of the car. I screamed her name but the car came crashing into the side. She was flung out of the car and so was I. I got off easy, a sprained ankle, 5 broken ribs, and a snapped wrist. But she…… she lost her life.” Tears were threatening to spill over onto my cheeks at this point. “And the worst part is, is that she shouldn’t be dead. It should be me!”

“Kylie, that’s not tru-“ I cut of Eleanor.

“Yes it is! She had so much going for her! She was captain of the dance team, class president, and honor student. She had all these scholarships lined up for her- she could go to any college she wanted. She was beautiful. She had a boyfriend of 2 ½ years and 2 younger siblings and an older sibling. She had two parents who loved her and so many people who are missing her! I have none of that! I barely made the dance team, I’m an average student, I have no schools begging me to attend them, I don’t have a boyfriend, my only sibling wants nothing to do with me, my mom can’t stand me, my dad is a drunk God knows where and I don’t have the best of friends in town. So I should be the one dead, not her!” My cheeks were flooded with my tears as Eleanor and Danielle engulfed me in a hug.

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