New James story that will come out somewhere in either late October or early November.


It all started at one of their concerts, a simple meet and greet got Jessica to catch James' eye. Their love story starts from there, went out a couple times and soon, they were officially a couple. But trouble hits paradise when Emily comes into the picture. Who is Emily actually? Who does she think she is to just come walking in and keep stealing somebody's boyfriend away? Although James claimed she had nothing to worry about, the ugly jealousy feeling keeps coming back and she isn't sure how to handle it.


Yeah, horrible summary but anyways, basically it's about James getting a new girlfriend but she can't help but notice how friendly he is with a girl name Emily.

Tadaa! What'd you think? First of all, this has nothing to do with YIAMS except Emily is in it. I'm not sure whether she would still be the same Emily or someone new.

I need your opinions, ideas (if you have any) and of course your support :)

Comment and tell me what you think! Also, I need a title for it! Help?

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