Music and IV

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I woke up in a room that was cold and too bright for my liking. I sat up and i moved my arms which felt heavier than usual... bandages. My bones ached and i only just remembered.. I had tried to kill myself.

Why hadn't it worked? I cut deep and i took a good amount of pills to kill me... Dan.

The second before i blacked out i saw Dan yelling and crying.. I couldnt hear him but i was sure he was signalling Phil.

I set my head back on the pillows, the nurses had known i would wake up for about two hours because i had been in a dreaming state of mind. They knew i was breathing differently and i was moving more.. i told them not to call my father, but they have too.. So i guess i'm going home soon.

The nurses were nice and they let me change and listen to music, they said i was fine now and only have to go to a therpist for two days a week, for only three weeks unless i request more. They gave me my ipod back and i autoatically thanked them and shoved the earphones in my ears..

I sat there for hours, not one i was sure of it.. maybe three or four.

"Sweetheart, i guess your father isnt coming. But there will be people coming to get you soon.. Dont worry or get scared if someone walks in here in the dark later, ok?"

"Thank you.. will anyone be here but me?"

"Well the guards will be out side like usual and will only let your visitors in.. goodnight honey."

Did i mention we had guards? The patients who almost commited suicide were under constant watch, nurses and guards walked around these halls all day.

I felt closed in, claustrophobic. I felt like i was, in jail..

Why couldnt the boys just let me die? Honestly it would be way better for everyone.

I ran out the door and i went to Auburn.

"Sir.. i have a problem."

"Sweetie everyone on this floor does."

"When i ran out of my house i left my suitcase under my porch and theres a rainstorm coming.. Can i go get it?"

"Well if you wanna go get it Nick's goin' with you."

I nodded and found Mickey

Mickey was about my age. She lived in Florida most of her life and she was really pretty, but a bit shorter than me. She lived with her boyfriend, Named Destery. his best friend Nathan. and his best friend's girlfriend Billie Jean... full house. I told her ive met Destery, and she was interested. I told her about my abuse and self harm for years and how i was bullied.. the strangers are easiest to trust.

She was a great person, i talked to her for two hours when i woke up from my 'coma' . She wasnt a guard, she was working through school to become a nurse. And this was her apprentice course she had to take. We walked to her car and i grabbed my suitcase from the porch steps when it began to Drizzle a bit. The drops stayed on my glasses when i heard my dad watching a football game on his television.

Mickey decided i'd had enough hospital. She called Auburn to tell our guests i would be staying with Her until they came.

This would be fun i guess... i know two people, atleast.

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