Chapter 5

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"Fine..." they said, looking at each other with big smiles on their faces, they finally said it.

"WE'RE GOING TO MAGALUF!" they shouted at the same time.

"otherwise know as 'Shagaluf" Harley added in with a wink

"What?" everyone said back, we were all confused. What's going on?

"Okay, you have to tell us whether you guys can make it or not. It's in 10 days, we're booking a last minute flight..." we all stared at Skip blankly. No one said anything, so I thought I would.

"Skip... You're joking right?" I asked, double checking to see whether he was being serious or not.

"No! We need replies ASAP." Harley looked serious... That was when I started to get excited, but a little annoyed at how late this is! We were all old enough to make our own decisions without asking parents permission... I wanted to go so I nodded at them, suggesting to count me in.

"You going?" I leaned into Beau's ear.

"I will if you go..." he whispered back. We stared at each other for a little bit, before I turned away.

"Well, I guess we're both going to Magaluf then..." I replied, smiling at him. Everyone decided to go to the kitchen for some drinks, I stood up but then was dragged back down on the sofa.

"Hey... Stay here for a second..." I sat back down next to him.

"What are you doing tomorrow night?" He asked, looking down at the floor. Was he asking me out on a date?

"Depends... Why?" I replied, feeling myself heating up.

"Oh, me, James and Sarah decided to have dinner together, wanna come?" he asked, giving me a little nudge.

"I'll have to check my busy schedule..." I laughed a little, obviously I was joking.

"I'll book Nobu for us at 7? Do you like Japanese food?"

"I love it! But isn't it a bit too late to book us in? You need at least one week notice if you want a table at Nobu!"

"My uncle owns it, so I'm okay with booking it late. He can add an extra table for us." I nodded, texting my mum to say I can't make dinner tomorrow and obviously about Magaluf. Nobu is a really posh restaurant that only serves customers with a booked table, because it's just too busy.

"Your uncle owns Nobu?! Why do I not know this?! That is so cool! Haha, and why was it going to be just you three tomorrow? Why not everyone else?" I asked, but he got up and pointed to the door, signalling that he was going to go into the kitchen with the others.

After drinks, I went home and slept at 1am... I couldn't get to sleep! I was thinking about what to wear tomorrow... Even though Beau didn't tell me what the dress code was, it was obvious it's formal wear.

*Next morning.*

My alarm went off at 10, so I decided to get ready. Still panicking over what to wear for tonight!

"Aveeeeeee, are you going on a date with Beau tonight?!" my little sister ran into my room.

"Lauren, it's not a date. A date consists of two people, and there's going to be the four of us tonight..." I patted her on the head.

"Oh, well when are you two going to go on a date?" She asked me; Lauren loves Beau. To be honest, I think she secretly wants to date him but she's a bit too young.

"Never... Now can you get out please? I need to get ready." I replied, she left my room and I continued with my routine. Me and my mum decided to have a girly day out. We: got our nails done, went shopping, had ice cream and talked. A lot. We're more like sisters than mother and daughter.

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