Ch 10

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Chapter 10

Aēro's POV

I turned around to face four shocked, amazed faces "umm..." I was tackled by Stasha feeling her bone crushing hug "your growing up Aēro" my dad Alex said "Your now a full ShadowBorn"My father Michael said "He's dying though" Stasha said I was shocked "he can't be out here" her voice was fading and I collapsed my whole body was frozen electricity wracked through my body I was convulsing everything around me was spinning and for the first times in months I passed out.

I woke up in a chamber everything was white I spotted a women standing in front of me her voice resounded through the room "Welcome Aēro to the world between life and Death"The women said turning around she wore a white dress dark hair white lipstick her skin was cloud white eyes were smokey "What do you mean world between life and death am I dead?"I questioned her "Yes you are dead your not aloud to die your soul and life are being rebuilt while your here"she explained "do you have a name?" I questioned "no no I suppose not" she answered "I'll call you Sky"I said and she smiled "sky sounds nice" she answered smiling while tilting her head right "may I serenata going on in life" I asked and she nodded "close your eyes and imagine the place you want to be" I did what she said and I opened them and I was standing near the bed my body was laying there pale as clouds I looked thin I heard soft crying and pleading I looked up and there sat scythe at the other side of the bed his face was contorted in sadness tears streamed down his cheeks he looked like he hadn't slept or eaten in days "come back Aēro please" He said crying and sniffling the door opened and scythe growled "GET OUT" he roared the door slammed and scythe cried again "come back Aēro please come back to life" he pleaded I never seen him so down when I heard those three words "I love you Aēro come back to me" Scythe said crying harder I had enough I turned around and appeared back in the chamber "it's time for you to wake up" Sky said disappearing.

I opened my eyes and there layed scythe on my chest I felt energized I didn't know he was awake when he spoke "....Aēro" he said and I looked down his big blue eyes stared in my red ones and I nodded yes scythe its me I smiled "AĒRO!!!!" scythe happily yelled "your back" he said again he hugged me and I hugged him back this truly was a good day I believe I am awake.


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