My name is Keira Bane and this is how my world got turned upside down. I was standing outside of fed-x forum. One Direction had just got done performing and i got seperated from my friends Riley McBride and Rosalie Waller because the crowd was, well you know how crowds are. I decided to text them:

Meet me @ the car. C u there. :P

Rosalie replied: Kk :D

Riley soon after: See u there ;)

I tried to get through the crowd but it was hopeless. I went towards the alley instead. I pulled my ipod out and started to listen to More Than This. Its my favorite song by One Direction, especially the second verse where Niall started singing. THWAMP! I ran into something and fell back to the ground with a loud OMPH!

"Oh God I'm so sorry! Are you alright?" I heard a boys voice and looked up. It was a boy about eighteen with blonde hair and green eyes. I recognized him and my eyes widened.

"Uh.. Oh yeah. I'm just peachy." I said standing up slowly. "Uh I'm sorry I really need to focus where I go.." I said trying to stop staring at him. "Uh I should probably-"

"THERE HE IS!!!" I heard a girls voice. "NIALL!!!" more voices. I happened fast. Niall grabbed my arm and we took off. The alley wasnt to long but it wasnt short either. It was hard to keep up and I knew I was slowing him down. I tried to pick up the pace but it was hopeless. "Niall, we need to find somewhere to hide." He nodded. We took off towards the road and ran down the sidewalk. "I know where my car is we can go there." I suggested. He nodded.

"Where?" He asked me. I got in front of him and led the way. He followed, looking slightly behind us as we ran. "We need to hurry." He shouted.

"I know, we're almost there!" And we were there not ever a minute later. Rose and Riley werealready there in the front seats. I opened the door and let Niall get in first and I got in beside him. Rose and Riley looked at us in shock.

"What the-" Riley started but I cut her off.

"Drive." I said. Rose nodded and started the car. Niall seemed to relax slightly.

"What. The. Crap?" Riley asked. Rose nodded.

"What she said."

"I'll explain. After I know your names." Niall pipped up.

"Keira." I said. "Thats Rose and Riley." I pointed at my friends. He nodded.

" Ok well I was leaving the concert to go home when I ran into Keira and a bunch of fans. So thats why I'm here." I nodded.

"Why do you trust us?" Riley asked.

"And where are the others?" Rose inquired, looking in the rear view at Niall.

"I trust you because I have no more options. And the rest of the band is probably home by now."

"They just left you?"Keira asked shocked.

"Yeah they like to pull pranks like that." He said.

"Thats messed up..."

"You have no idea..."

"Well where do you live?" Rose inquired.

It took us a second but we found the place and Niall invited us in. We hesitated, but came. It was really nice. It had a view of the ocean, which I loved more than anything. The boys didnt seem to be home yet so Niall was our only company.

"you three should probably stay. If the press saw you-"

"Yeah, guess so..." Rose said.

"But one night. Then we're leaving." I said.

"Oh yes, of course." Niall said. "Anyone hungry?"

"I'm surprised Keira hasnt asked that yet..." Riley said.

"Yeah really... But yeah we are." Rose admitted.

Niall noded and went to the kitchen.

"God your quiet Keira..." Riley exclaimed, teasing me. I rolled my eyes. "Awww someones holding back her crush..."

"Shut up!" I told the two most annoying giggling girls on earth. I did have a crush on Niall but he didn't know me. Plus it was one night. What could possibly happen?

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