Crimson Immortals

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Once upon a time there was a couple of immortal humans, they fell in love and married. To their great disappointment I was born without power, a babe with not a single defense against the big bad world. Which I guess would be all right if I didn’t have parents that were all powerful, Immortal and purple. Their power is violet, hardest to see on the spectrum and hardest to get, which is great for them. So, I get to be the powerless, obedient daughter, Iveen. I have silky blue hair, mostly from my father’s side of the family, his mother had blue hair and the texture is from my mother. I hate the texture because I have to constantly brush it, silky hair tangles easily. My eyes are the weirdest part of me, often I frighten people with them, my eyes are yellow. My father often says that when I came into this world I was staring around with my cat’s eyes, which is why I scare people, I stare. I never thought much about it until one girl gathered enough courage to tell me, the king’s daughter, that she didn’t like my staring at her. Ever since I could not let my thoughts wander, for if I do I tend to stare.

My mother doesn’t like me very much at all. I was always my father’s child, the king’s daughter. My sister took the spot of mother’s darling, she insists I call her Lady mother and always pushes me away if I get too close. Rattaria always walks to the right of my mother and I always walk to the left of my father, even in my oldest memories it has been this way. Rattaria and I do not have a very sisterly relationship, most of the time I call her Rat. She sneers down her nose at me and flounces away. I spent most of my days in etiquette school preparing for the day when I would become queen and whom I chose would become king.

However, when I graduated at fifteen my father kindly told me that my special schooling was not needed because my dear sister had begun to use her power, blue power. I felt like an outcast. A rotten, dirty stocking, easily thrown in the garbage. They would marry her to a beautiful red prince to continue their beloved violet reign. All that schooling for nothing, I was not going to be the queen. If my wretched sister died I would be queen, unless of course she had already married. Then her husband would just marry any princess with blue power. I got the blue hair and she got the blue power, how unfair. My whole life was built upon becoming queen and my little sister had taken even that. I began to want to leave, go see the world instead of awaking to find my loyal nurse every morning.

My nurse had been more of a mother to me than my birth mother. She had been by my side all those years of schooling and had held me when I had cried that horrible night my father told me I was not going to be queen. She had become more than my nurse after serving me that extensively, she was my confidante, my angel, and my maid. For special occasions she was who dressed me, did my hair, and soothed my worries. She was the one who had kept my secret for so long, I receive dreams from my grandmother, the great Magmora.

The first one I received was on the night before my tenth year had begun. It scared me so much that someone in my dream was talking to me I awoke screaming. My nurse calmed me and asked what had frightened me, I told her and she recognized my description of Magmora. She explained who it was and told me not to tell anyone until the time was right, Magmora would tell me when. She was most surprised by my ability to wrench out of a dream sent by one of the most powerful beings on the earth. I drifted back to sleep and Magmora came again with a shocked expression animating her face, I laughed when I saw her puzzled face.

She told me that she knew of my powerless state and explained that I would get power when someone loved me enough to give it to me. I felt utterly horrible because I believed that there would never be anyone who would truly love such a powerless girl. Magmora told me that I would follow my grandfather’s footsteps and become ruler of all that is evil, frightening me so terribly I almost ripped out of the dream again. I told her that I wanted no part of any evil that may lurk in the forest. She just laughed. I couldn’t believe she was laughing at me. I was raised by two very good parents and now here I was, my grandmother telling me I was the ruler of all evil. She explained that evil wasn’t quite that bad, in fact her exact words were,

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