A Message To The Dead- Vikklan Parts 1 & 2

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Tw- suicide.

Vikk's P.O.V.

"Hey Lach." I whispered, tears already in my eyes. "I really miss you."

I sighed to myself, stupid statement Vikk, of course I missed him. I knew I'd never truly stop missing him, not now he'd been torn from the world too soon and I would never see him again.

I slumped to the ground, the cold concrete gravestone digging into my back and I looked to the sky. It was overcast, clouds looming on the horizon which told of rain to come soon and I prayed that I could stay strong, for me and for him. I didn't know if I could.

"Remember the first time we saw each other when you moved here?" I smiled to myself, remembering an exhausted boy who was barely able to keep himself on his feet bolting into my arms as soon as I rounded to the corner to meet him.

"I know I do. You were so excited, even though you could hardly stand cause you were so tired and you knocked me over over cause you were so excited!" I closed, remembering the older times more fondly, when we were young and naive to the dangers of the world around us.

"You remember the day the rest of the Sidemen found about us? It was storming and we were sitting at the window, cause the others were all out, and you had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I can still remember their reactions coming in, even if you weren't awake to see them, I honestly wish you were cause they were priceless."

The boys had all come into the living room and seen the two of us sitting on the floor, me sitting in Lachlan's lap and Lachlan fast asleep, his head resting peacefully on my shoulder, hand in hand. Simon has hoped around the room, squealing, Josh had just stood there with his mouth wide open like a fish and JJ had yelled excitedly, actually waking Lachlan from where he was sleeping.

"I think that was the first time they realised what was going on, when though Simon almost walked in on us kissing and JJ's seen us holding hands multiple times." I smiled to myself, scratching on the back of my hand.

"Remember the pranks we played on each other and the boys? I think my favourite was when we toilet papered JJ's room with Simon's help and boy, he was mad. I think he was planning his revenge for at least a week even though he never came up with anything."

JJ was soooo mad, honestly, the reaction we got on camera was amazing. He had stormed around his room and tore at everything, yelling madly and screaming at all of us. We found it hilarious.

"They were some good times." I said, mostly to myself. I sighed. "I miss you so much Lachy, I wish you were still here."

The tears were falling thick and fast and I sobbed, my hand reaching out to touch the thick gravestone that sat behind me.

It was Lachlan's gravestone.

Lachlan Ross Power it read, 25/08/1995- 03/07/2019

Brother, son, boyfriend, father.

At the word father I stopped, touching it gently. He had been a father, to a little boy whose mother hadn't wanted him so Lachy took him in with open arms, raising him side by side with me. I wasn't related to him but he was my son in everything by blood.

He looked so much like Lachlan, bright blue eyes, pale skin and beautiful blonde hair but his beautiful little life ended too soon. Only two years after his birth he got very sick and the hospital couldn't do anything to save him.

He died less than 6 months before Lachlan took his own life.

There was a gravestone next to Lachlan's, small, which told to anyone that cared that a child was buried there.

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