The Sleepover<3

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Today Is Friday June 28th x All The Girls Are At LiahhxAllys House For The Weekend.

Allys POV

I'm So Excited My Girls Are Over Now I Cant Tell Them The Surprise.

Liahh- Ally...(snapping her fingers in her face)

Ally- Ohh Sorry But Any way Ladies How Much Do You Love Mindless Behavior?

Yonna- So Much I Would A Thousand Miles For Them.

Cashh:Ahaa... Maybe Not That But I Love Them

Ally- Well My Wonderful Mommie Booked Them To Hang Out With Us Tomorrow

Liahh- Why Didn't I Know About This ?

Ally- Cuz It Was Me x Mommas Secret

Momma-Sure Was (coming down the stairs)

Cashh-(runs to momma) Auntie LeAnn I Love You So Much

MommaLeAnn(ML)- Love You Too Cashh Now Stop You Squeezing Me.

Cashh- Sorry (kisses her cheek)

Liahh- Okay Explain This MB is Coming Here Thing

ML- (siting on the couch) Well Me x Your Dad Were Talking Bout It x Ally Was Eavesdropping x Heard Us x Starting Screaming So I Told Her To Keep It A Secret Until Today.

Yonna- Why Ally? Why Would You Keep That From Your Sisters?

Cashh- Yea We Didn't Even Get To Mentally Prepare For This.

ML-(getting up) Well They Are Coming Tomorrow x I'm Leaving To Go To Jennas House Until Next Week Sunday To Comfort Her Cuz Paul Dumped Her.

LiahhxAlly- We Told You That Was Going To Happen.

ML- Well I'm Leaving Now (Kisses All Of Their Cheeks) Bye x DONT Mess Up My House.

AllTheGirls- We Will...Love You

(Allys Mom Left The House)

Yonna- I Still Can't Believe It.

Cashh- Right Like In The Next 24 Hours I Will Be Flirting With Prince.

Yonna- Flirting Leads To Otha Things

Liahh- Yea Otha Freaky Things.

Cashh- Thats Exactly What I'm Aiming For.


Cashh- Judge All You Want At The End Of The Day Who Still A Virgin?... Exactly None Of Us.

Yep Its True None Of Us Are Virgins So. YOLO Well We Had A Sleepover At Cashss House x We Invited Our Boyfriends Over x Things Got Tensed x Then We No Longer Had Our . It Hurted Like Hell At First But Then It Felt Good. But The Next Day All Of Our Boyfriends Called Us x Dumped Us We Really Didn't Care Cuz Living The Single Life Is GREAT!!

Yonna- I'm Feeling Like Doing A Video

Ally- Yea Lets Talk To The Fans Out There

(They All Sit In Front Of The Computer x Cashh Turns On The Webcam)

Cashh- In 5...4...3...2...1..

------ Recording -----

Yonna- Heyy Yall Itss Yonna

Ally- Ally All Up In Hurrr

Cashh- Itss Ya Girl CashhMoneyyy

Liahh- Last But Not Least Itss Liahh

Ally- (puts hands together) Okay Yall Guess What Imm Getting Braces (Gets Excited )

Yonna- Yayyy For Her Right But We Got Another Surprise For Yall

Cashh-What Is It You Ask?

Liahh- Drum Roll Please (Starts Patting Her Legs) Well We Will Be Spending A Whole 24 Hours With DUN DUN DUN...


Liahh- What? You Saidd We Lyinn

Ally- (shaking her head) Nooo We Don't Tell No Lies

Yonna- Tomorrow We Will Make A Video With Them So Yall Can See But Until Then This Is Yonna Signing Off

Ally- This Is AllyWrenchh Signing Off.

Cashh- Its CashhMoneyyyy Signing Off

Liahh- And For Done Reason I'm Always Last Its Ya Girl Liahh Signing Off x GoodNight

AllTheGirls- x Stay Beautiful Muawhhhh(Blows Kiss At The Camera)

----- End Of Recording -----

Ally- That Was Fun But I'm Fina Hit The Showers(In A Male Voice)

Yonna- (In A Male Voice) Yea My Touchdown Was The Bomb.

Liahh- Yall Are Mentally Challenged

Cashh- Wow...

(They are Walk To Their Rooms Including Cashh x Yonna)

Liahh POV

When I Got To My Room I Took Aleast A Hour Long Shower . When I Got Out I Put On My Cookie Monster Pjs And Got Out My Outfit For Tomorrow I Chose My Green Half Shirt That Read " Thats That Shit I Dont Like" In White Letters Just To Show Off My Belly Button Ring , My White Jacket , My Grren Snapback With "Reckless" On It , My Black Skinny Jeans x Green Doc Martens Im Gone Look Fly.

Cashh POV

I Took A Semi Quick Shower Got Out x Put On Some Shorts x A Tanktop. I Also Got My Outfit Out For Tomorrow I Got Out My Blue x White Cookie Monster Shirt , My White Booty Shorts x My Blue Vans

Yonna POV

My Shower Was Kinda Quick But I Got Out x Put On My Pjs . My Outfit Consisted Of My Yellow x Pink Stripped Half Shirt Showing Off My Belly Button Ring. My Black Booty Shorts x My Yellow x Pink Sandals. I Also Decided To Wear My Yellow Spongebob Snapback On One Of Loops.

Ally POV

I Took My Long Hot Shower Then Got Out x Put On My Spiderman Pjs. My Outfit For Tomorrow Is Gone Be Spiderman. starting With My Spiderman Shirt My Blue Skinny Jeans Cuz My Shirt Got Alittle Bit Of Blue In It. My Spiderman Snapback x Spiderman Doc Martens. Flyy , Swagg , Hott Is All Me

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