Chapter 6

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EmilyJane POV

Okay so i am either ridicoulsy drunk or i just kissed Niall Horan, one of the mosted wanted guys in the whole frickin English speaking world, which definatly couldnt of happened, am just a typical 17 year old girl who has had more home towns than hot dinners (not literally!) okay so i must of passed out or something and am just dreaming Niall standing in front of me, hands round my waist, i decided to pinch myself in an attempt of waking myself up, 'OUCH!!', 

'Whats up?' Niall jumped at my sudden outburst, maybe it wasnt a dream after all, well this is awkward, i could feel myself beginning to blush, i really need to learn to control the whole blushing situation, luck must of been on my side today because before i had time to explain my randomness Danielle walked in, she looked gorgeous in her black bodycon dress with its coral strap which crossed at the back and her huge  black heels,

'Sorry to interrupt but your mum told me to tell you shes got the karoke out!' she laughed as she waited for me and Niall.

And to much of my pleasure Danielle wasnt lying, as we entered the living room my mother was singing her tone deaf head off, totally ruining 'Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way' which was one of my all time favourites until this point, ofcourse.

Niall pulled my hand to make sure that i followed him to join the other boys, Lexi and Danielle who were gathered on the coach nearest the window, i jumped onto Lexi's lap, nearly breaking her tiny legs in the process, 'Where the hell have you been?!' Lexi whispered all the while not breaking eye contact with Zayn, there had to be something going on with them.

As the song came to end (finally) the boys gathered into a huddle and started to whisper, 'what are the doing?' i mouthed at Danielle, she just shrugged her shoulders as we waited for thier plan to unravel, which it did soon enough.

Nialls POV

I quickly ran to Harry's car where my guitar was in the boot and quickly re-joined everybody else in the living room.

'What are you doing?' EmilyJane laughed as I started to gently pluck the strings, 'So, Me and the guys wrote this song for Emz birthday, we also want this song to be are first single, she has been an amazing addition to our little group and we all really hope we stay friends after the X-factor tour!' after Liams adorable little speech we began to sing our future hit.

'You're insecure, dont know what for...'

Half way through the song i took a look around them room, everyone seemed to love it, then my eyes fell onto Em, she had what looked like tears of happiness in her eyes and was dancing around with Danielle, Lexi and Holly, i was so happy she liked the song, the boys and I had spent ages trying to get it right, trying to make it perfect, this was the 5th song we had written, when we first heard it we all knew at once that 'What Makes You Beautiful' was the song for EmilyJane.

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