say that again?

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*In England after Kaitlyn is done filming movie based out of England*

Kaitlyns POV

    Harry was a little weird and I was still waiting for the VS show. But harry said we were going on a romantic date. To Camden Town!!! The last ride we are going on the London Eye. Obviously the people that are scared of heights gets stuck at the top, then I heard creaking and someone yelling. What was happening? Then harry was no longer next to me he was in front of me on one knee.

Harrys POV

   Thankfully it was a girl running the ride and I only had to talk to her to get her to do what I want. I was filled with nerves, what if she says no. I have only heard stories of it. I already get crushed when I get rejected for a normal date. Well here it goes.....

   “Well hi Kaitlyn, so from the moment I met you while you were in your house, I have loved you. When we went to New York and showed us all up on the show. When you got jumped I felt horrible. Also, when you were trying to save my feelings by not telling me about how you are pretty much blind. But then when we went to the photo shoot together and got caught making out in the woods, the way you blushed made my heart melt. Also you get along with most of my friends, family, and pretty much anyone else. And when you helped that little girl the other day in the airport, and you were so nice and sweet. Taking the time to help her find her parents and told her that I make you feel like a princess..... I knew I was in love, that you were the person who can love me no matter what. And Kaitlyn Will you marry me?”

   She had a blank look on her face and then she said "wait come again?" i repeated my self and then she nodded her head and hugged me. "Harry I love you...." she whispered to me. I heard her sniffle; I pushed back her so I could look at her. She was crying but also smiling." when did you make this decision?" "Ummmmm… Just today while walking around, I thought this ring best suited you.”<3

Kaitlyns POV

   Mrs. Styles!!!! Then he pulled out the actual ring, it was a beautiful ring. It was just a silver band with one oval shaped diamond. Not too big though. I was just so speechless, I loved him. He just made up his mind today while walking, he must really love me. When I get back to the house I’m going to call my aunt Davia.

*Call w/ Davia*

"Mom its Kaitlyn” exclaimed beau.

"Don’t hang up on her, I want to talk to her I will be there in a minute." yelled back Davia.

"What have you been up too beau?” I questioned

“Football and sales associate. And how are you doing. What about you?"

"Well I am finishing up school, I am in London with Harry and I have the Victoria Secret Show coming up.” as Davia walked onto the picture.

 I used the hand with my ring to rub my forehead and then Davia screamed "he didn’t oh my!!! Beau look at this, Kaitlyn don’t move!"

"When are you getting married Kaitlyn you forgot to mention that a minute ago?”

“Sorry I was saving it for Davia, he just proposed a couple of hours ago.”

 "Where is he, I want to talk to him” interrogated Beau. I tilted the camera to the side to show them he was sleeping. “Well when he wakes up give him my number, I want to talk to him.

"Well I have to go it was an exciting day and its really late here, i will text you. Love you bye!" God I love my family, they are excited! I think......

Beaus POV

    So Kaitlyn hasn’t even gone to any college. I. Think she is a good enough actress but what if that stops? And she is only turning 25 in a couple of days. Is this a mistake? I need to talk to Harry. Why am I so protective over her? When I got a text form Harry. “There is nothing you can do to change our minds.” “Just don’t ruin the life ahead of her; you already took one year of her past…” “Wait, what that is supposed to mean beau?” “well after you broke up with her, she wasn’t herself at all, she barley talked. Good luck with your marriage…”

Harrys Pov

   Was that true? Kaitlyn doesn't seem like one to mope about a break up. " Hey beautiful its time to wake up." "Why so sunny? Turn it off"she said in her hilarious morning voice. " But i cant, its the sun love" I Only said love because i know it makes her insanely happy, and boy was i right she sat up with a smile from ear to ear. "remember when...

Kaitlyns POV

when something starts with remember when it is funny or bad. "Remember when i broke up with you the first time? what did you do?"he stated. " harry you know i was on set of  my movie." " that's not what I've heard and i was wondering if anything else went on?"he said slightly raising his voice.

" harry, a lot of different things went on they gave me a three month break and i got suspended, then ran away, i drove to Colorado and got a tattoo and...."

"you did what?!"harry yelled.

"harry why are you so surprised when you broke up with me you completely shattered my heart and left. what else am i supposed to do just sit around? so of course i went and did multiple stupid things! but whats it to you not like you care at the time, and who's to be talking you have way more tattoos than i do. " i said.

" Kaitlyn its not like i didn't care! the boys made me! it wasn't my fucking choice! what was i supposed to do? just drop everything and come with you?"he yelled inches away from my face.

"yes if you loved me that's what you would do! just saying." i said almost bursting into tears.

" Kaitlyn you realize that i couldn't just leave the boys they would never talk to me again." he said still yelling

" this is  where you communication fails once again! but also where your thinking starts. who do you love more me or the boys? until you figure that out harry, i will be staying else where." as i put down the ring on the table and left.

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