Kylie's Sun Chapter Ten

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 Kylie’s Sun—Bishop’s Moon Part 2

by Tracey Hall

2012 © All Rights Reserved

Chapter Ten

Kylie struggled against the brute holding her tightly, but to no avail. She couldn’t even look out the back of the car. What was that monster doing to Scarlet? When she reached for the handle on the driver’s side back door, the man in the seat with her jerked her back hard. She slammed into his rock hard body and his hand was now gripping her by the cast wrapping tightly around her left arm. “Let me go, you pig!”

     The man called Yeager grinned down at her. “Shut up, girl.”

     Turning a heated glare upon him, she doubled up her fist and slammed it into his chest. “You shut up, you baboon.” It didn’t faze him, of course, and her hand now throbbed, but she would not back down from him. She’d survived Roan Rollins attempts on her life. She’s lived without the love of her life for the last three weeks. This arrogant bastard wouldn’t get the satisfaction of beating her.

     He chuckled at her feeble attempts at escape. “I like a human with a little fire in her,” he noted aloud to his companion. They were taking her for a conversion. What happened to her really didn’t matter. There was no male waiting on her arrival. She need not even be in one piece. Converted or dead, either way, she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone of their existence.

     The other man nodded in agreement, looking back at them through the rearview mirror. “Fire is a good thing.”

     She noted that both of them were now focused completely on her, and her skin crawled away. Glancing down at her wrist where his hand was still clamped tightly around the fiberglass cast, she knew she could never get away from them. They would probably break her other arm, not to mention other parts of her, in the process.

     She jerked hard against his grip. He held on without any effort. Whirling around and looking out the window, she noted that they were leaving the small tourist town of West Yellowstone. Spinning back the other way, she strained to see out the back glass. The motel that had been hers and Scarlet’s safe haven the last few days was nowhere in sight.

     What had happened to Scarlet? Was she alright? Had that thing harmed her, killed her? And what about Gray?

     Gray was supposedly on his way to West Yellowstone. If Scarlet was dead when he arrived, he wouldn’t know where she was. How would he be able to save her? Tears suddenly began streaming over her cheeks. She didn’t want to be a werewolf. She didn’t want these things touching her.

     She wanted Gray.

     Turning back around, she fell back against the rear seat in destitution. Nothing was turning out the way she had planned. Was her life over? In just a matter of a few minutes, her future had been completely voided. Should she just accept her fate and embrace it? More silent tears slipped over her cheeks as she stared despondently out the side window.

     Only a short ways out of town, the impatient driver pulled the sedan over onto the side of the road.

     Upon realization of what was about to happen, Kylie immediately started to fight the Lycans again with all of her remaining strength. “No!” she yelled at him and screamed at the top of her lungs.


Scarlet and the Blood Hunter completed their change at the same time, and Scarlet made a mad dash for the trees in the distance. The human police department was too close for comfort, and neither one of the Lycanthropes was immortal to well-aimed bullets. As she had hoped, Dogaru followed her, his heavy frame closing the gap between them quickly. At the forest edge, she turned to face her opponent and they both leapt straight into the air with bared teeth, lunging for the hair covered throat of the other werewolf. Smaller and much more agile than the bulky bear-wolf though, Scarlet tucked and rolled and hit the ground on all four feet. Scrambling around, she centered in on the broad shoulders before her. She leapt right into the middle of his back and grabbed onto his ear with her razor sharp teeth, clamping down until she could taste the metallic flavor of his blood. Her long claws dug deep scratches into his thick hide. Shaking the ear, she tried her very best to rip it right off the side of his head.

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