Chapter 24 'Dancing'

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"Yeah, I know what you mean. Have you not got a boyfriend anyway?" I asked

She looked down at her shoes and shrugged, the frown that was on her face earlier reappearing.

"Is that who you were on the phone to earlier?" I whispered

She nodded.

I pulled her into a hug "Has he hurt you babe?"

She shook her head "No, its just that.. I've heard hes been cheating on me because I'm not there the now. And when I ask him he tried to turn the blame on me and I just..." she said tears falling out of her eyes.

"Hey hey, it's okay. He's not worth you babe, promise." I said softly wiping her tears away with my thumb.

She smiled up at me as we headed to the checkout.

"Lottie, just put your things along with mine." I smiled

"No, I cant let you do that.." she started

I gave her ''the look' and she reluctantly let me pay for her new clothes, shoes and a bag.

"Thanks Lily, makeup shop now?"  she asked

"You don't need make-up, your gorgeous." 



Two hours later we were sitting in Starbucks, sipping our coffee's when my phone buzzed.

'Morning beautiful xx' it was from Niall

'Nialler? It's two in the afternoon here, but thanks:) xxx' I replied

Me and Lottie took a picture together which I uploaded on twitter.

Suddenly a shrill scream, brought us out of our conversation.


"Shit." I swore under my breathe

Lottie looked at me worriedly

I knew I had to stay calm and not show my fear here, for Lottie.

"Pick your bags up Lottie, we'll get out of here. Don't worry." I whispered as more people started filing into the small coffee shop trying to get us.

Lottie and I grabbed our bags and stood up, I gripped my phone tight in my hands.

I had no idea what to do, the crowd was getting bigger and louder by the second.

I started shaking as the crowd surrounded Lottie and myself.

She grabbed my hand and looked at me, panicking

"We'll be fine Lottie, on the count of three push through the crowd and don't let go of my hand." I breathed

"One...Two...Three." I whispered and we started pushing our way through the crowd

 After a few minutes of shoving we were finally out of the coffee shop.

Lottie and I pulled on our sunglasses so no one noticed we had left the shop or who we were.

We sat on a bench breathing heavily.

"You okay Lottie?"

"Yeah, are you?"

"Yeah I'm fine, feel a bit light headed though." I admitted rubbing my temples

Lottie's POV

Once we finally got out of the crowded coffee shop Lily and I sat on a bench to calm down.

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