Now I'm here in an awkward situation again for the second time I am in the company of my best friends in the third zone and guess where we are?in their favorite hang out place in a Gay Bar. "Oi!" tawag ni Colby sabay tulak sakin isa sa mga frenny ko sa federation pero I'm a full blown woman not a bi or whatever I just like their company hapy and free."Oi, Minday jan ka na lang ba?ano ka prom queen naghihintay ng escort?, lika dun tayo let's grab some co*ck" Yakag niya saken sabay halakahak."Oo bakit pang prom queen ang peg nito noh,?" and we go to the dance floor to dance sana, pero nanghilakbot ako sa nakita ko....

Full frontal nudity ba ito?ano ba naman mamaya i-rade una kong tatakbo.Better yet ngayon na lang kaya ako tumakas,pero paano?HMP let it be.Nagulat ako ng pagdating sa ha arapan the males are dancing to the  rythm of "I"M COMING OUT" by Diana Ross I laughed so hard at the same time I admire the strippers for the amazing production number but as they come closer I hear the loud cheering of the gay crowd,making my ears incapacitated while the audience,they are ready to grab the male strippers ass but unfortunately they could'nt .They only entertain them by sight not by touch.The cheering goes louder and louder as they strip their clothes up front and dance erotically.

As the night pass it makes me uncomfortable kase it's very na makakita ng kabaro mo.Yung tunay na girl all of them are gays parang gusto ko n tuloy maging gay na din.

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