Ch 9

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Chapter 9

Aēro's POV

I looked out the window suddenly becoming worried I closed my eyes as my ears became more sensitive I heard metal on wood I got up and ran to the door ignoring the pain in my side I ran out into the hallway and out the gates I turned into a werewolf my white fur sprouting from my skin my eyes becoming red my teeth becoming sharper then knives my claws becoming black as midnight I got on all fours as the transformation completed and I bolted off towards the woods where Scythe and my dad were.

When I exited the woods a black werewolf was clawing its way through the hoard of skeletal minions it looked like black moths moving around I turned around and Stasha was standing there her white hair moving in the wind hr skin as pale as smoke and she was wearing a dress "What are you doing out here Aēro?"Stasha asked monotonously I didn't answer "Go and save him" a voice said in my mind" I heard a yelp and that's when I lost all meaning to the world that one yelp set me off yo was involuntarily shaking I didn't realize I changed back the wound on my hip healed instantly my eyesight growing sharper my hands turning into dragon like my teeth growing sharper I felt wings coming out and a staff appeared in my hand so did a sword black as midnight itself my sword in one hand and my staff in the other I disappeared from view when I saw the guy above the black werewolf raise his sword I appeared in front of him grabbing his necks king the sword vanish I threw him across the field I glided over to him when he vanished I turned around and raise my sword to block his attack "So your the famous ShadowBorn my master has been talking about? I expected you to be well more..older"The guy said "well tell Ashton to leave me the hell alone" I said pushing my sword against his making him stumble I raised my hand and brought it down lightning followed striking the guy in the head making him fly across the field.

Prestiges POV

-what are you doing fool why are you letting Aēro get the best of you-? Ashton's voice resounded in my head "I'm not letting him he's to strong" -FOOL he's embraced the power of a ShadowBorn kill him so I can have his power- "With pleasure" before I knew it lightning struck me and I went flying my back hit the side of the rocky hill making a huge hole I stood up my arm hanging loosely "Until next time ShadowBorn"I said laughing then vanishing into red flames.

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