Chapter 5

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The next day, Stacy and Tracy walked over to Pasliee, who was at her locker.

“Hello, Pasliee” Tracy said. Pasliee turned to them.

“Are you feeling better?” Stacy asked.

“Yes, thanks” Pasliee said.

“Oh, great” they muttered and glared at each other. Pasliee closed her locker and walked past them. As she did, Stacy tripped her and she fell to the floor, dropping her books.

“Oops, sorry” they said and walked off. She glared at them for a minute before picking up her books and getting up. At lunch, she found Simon, pulling him away from his group and into an empty hallway.

“Yes, Pasliee?” Simon asked. She looked down the hall and saw someone running.

“Pasliee” she called.  Pasliee suddenly had a flashback: she was in the boiler room and Stacy and Tracy jumped out from behind the boiler.

“Pasliee! Pasliee!” they called in ghostly voices. Pasliee screamed and ran down the hall, being stopped by more cheerleaders. They were all wearing white dresses and black make up around their eyes.   

“Pasliee!” they called. They all surrounded her, Stacy and Tracy both holding a bloody knife.

“Pasliee!” they repeated.

“Stop, stop!” Pasliee ordered, shaking.

“Pasliee!” they all repeated.

“Leave me alone! Please, leave me alone!” Pasliee begged. She slid down to the floor in tears.

“Aw, does someone want their brother?” Stacy asked. One of the cheerleaders in the group walked over to her holding a video recorder.

“Say cheese” she said and smiled at the camcorder. The cheerleaders started to laugh as Pasliee started to have a panic attack. After a few minutes, the camcorder closed and the cheerleaders stopped laughing.

“The school will just love this!” Tracy cheered. Pasliee closed her eyes.

“Doing that won’t make us go away!” Stacy meanly told her. The next day, the whole school, even Pasliee saw it. Even though Simon saw the video and knew the voices, he didn’t say anything and neither did anyone. After that, everyone except for Simon, Dylan, Zack and the cheerleaders started to ignore her but when she got to high school and her body totally changed, everything changed. All the guys just couldn’t stop staring at her but she was already too disconnected from the world to really care.  

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