Not For A While

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                                                                       Chapter One

hey so my last story was a total fail but i think this one will be better its not edited



 The dark movie theater felt as if it was closing in on me, my eyes darted from the figures on the screen to the guy sitting next to me. i tried to slip my hand out of his grip casually as if i was reaching for the soda seated between us. why had i agreed to go on a date with this guy? i didn't know anything about him except for that he had dark brown hair with fair olive tone skin and clear sea green eyes. As soon as he asked me if i would want to go to the movies with him my immediate answer was no i didn't know him. then after he asked the next day and the next i caved, i distinctly remember mumbling whatever pick me up at seven. it didn't even to occur to me that he didn't know where i lived until i was in his car on the way to the movies.

 I tried pulling my hand out of his hand again but his death grip just tightened and he sent me a sly smile from the of his mouth. he was definitely enjoying this now i was getting freaked out. we had been locked in the position of my hand being cupped not so gently in his enormous one. i had made the mistake of putting my hand on the middle armrest between us he hand immediately snatched my hand up and here we are a hour and a half later. me still trying to pull my hand free and he I'm sure laughing in his head like some doped up hyena on caffeine.

 Finally the ending credits rolled up from the bottom of the screen and i stood up, as did he. wait... what was his name again oh my gosh was i really stupid enough to go to the movies with someone who i didn't even know the name of? "um.. sorry dude but whats your name again?" my face was hot and i knew i was as red as a cherry. he chuckled to himself and sent me a smile that glowed in the dim light of the theater.

 "my names Jason and i know yours miss Sarah dunnagain." wow this guy knew my last name but i didn't even know his first well i felt stupid. i began walking out of the dark room still feeling claustrophobic. when he didn't move i tugged on his arm gently and followed me i now had a plan of how to get my hand out of his and maybe get him to leave.

 As soon as we left the dark room i said "I have to use the bathroom." i looked at him and smiled nervously hoping he wold fall for my trick. he smiled then nodded and released my hand i practically ran to the restroom before he grabbed my hand again. while i was in the bathroom i redid my makeup he had made me so nervous that i had sweated it all off. then i played in my iPhone and passed most of the levels on this game called flow. after waiting for an hour in the bathroom i figured he would be gone so i sent a text to my mom asking her to pick me up at the theater i smiled happily to myself and walked into the long hallway that led to the front doors my escape route.

 My feet crossed the threshold the floor turning from tile to carpet and my heart nearly stopped from shock. there still standing where i had left him an hour ago was Jason he smiled at me but there was anger in his eyes, i had kept him waiting for a long time. "Lets go." he said calmly, we walked out to his blue ford Torres. he opened the door politely for me and shut it softly, and smiled at me as he started the car and the heater his smiling was getting really annoying. after five minutes on the road my phone dinged telling me that i had a text message. i looked down it was my mom saying yes that she would pick me up. "who's that?" Jason asked curiously.

 "My mom she wanted to know when i would be home." I lied smoothly surprised at the evenness of my voice.

 "Not for a while" he said devilishly. i cocked my head to the side confused as the locks in the car all locked at the same time.


so guys what do you think? comment to tell me if its a flop:( or i should keep going;)

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