Chapter 7

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The first night in Utah, was definitely one of my favorite nights. We sat around the living room, with Niall playing guitar, and all 7 of us singing to Coldplay, Radiohead, and Oasis. Once the pizza came, it was literally all gone in 2 minutes! But you could definitely see that Louis and Zayn were a little upset. With Perrie busy working with her band, and Eleanor back in England visiting with her family, they both weren't exactly happy as Liam, Niall and Harry.

Harry definitely had alot to drink, he started talking about his feelings. Which he usually doesn't let out all the time, he talked about how he was afraid to find a girl because of upsetting the fans and how most girls just want him because of his looks. While everybody was outside on the balcony, Harry and I talked for about an hour.

"You can't think about those things." I said.

"I know, but being around so many people all the time with no one to actually love you, like how Danielle and Liam and you and Niall all the time. It's upsetting!" He moaned.

I got up and gave him a big hug, "Look you will find someone Haz, until then; I'm here for you to talk to me." I said.

"Thanks Em, really thank you." He said while starting to look me in the eyes. He gave me another hug, and didn't let go for about 30 seconds. He started to bite his lip and come closer to me. "Harry.." I said, while trying not to let him kiss me. "Wha, I'm sorry Em. I guess I got a little caught up in the moment.." He said while letting go of me. "Yeah, uh it's okay." I stuttered. I stood up and wiped off my thighs. "I'm gonna go outside, wanna join me?" I asked while still processing that Harry almost kissed me. "Yeh, I'm gonna get a water, be out there in a second." He said quietly while getting up and walking towards the kitchen.

I opened the balcony door while the boys sang Stereo Hearts. I sat next to Niall while he played guitar on the outdoor couch. Louis sat with Zayn on the ground, with Danielle and Liam on the swing. Harry opened the balcony door with his water and sat on the ground by the window, I felt bad because he kept looking at me. What if he did like me for more than friends, Harry is a great guy, he's sweet, attractive and funny. Everything I want in a guy. But I love Niall, there's no way I could ever fall for Harry without breaking Niall's heart.

After singing 3 more songs that are usually on the boys concert list, we all headed to bed so we had enough rest for tomorrow. I walked up to my room door, then feeling someone touch my back. I turned around to see Harry looking at me straight into my eyes, "Night sweetheart." he said while obviously drunk. Niall tugged him on his shirt, "Night mate." he said. I crossed my arms and leaned against the door. Harry walked over to his bedroom and went in, finally Niall and I could be alone. "I'll see ya in the morning I guess." He said while putting his hand on the door while leaning in closer to me. "Yeah, you know I think this is the part where you kiss me goodnight?" I asked sarcastically. He giggled, "I was getting to that." He put his hands on my cheeks and kissed my nose, then my lips. I smiled and whispered, "See you tomorrow babe."

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