Having finally fallen asleep early in the morning, I woke to my mother shouting at me, demanding I get up or I’d be late for school. Groaning as I climbed up out of bed, I brushed my hair back up into a ponytail, something I rarely did, but I hadn’t time to straighten it properly. Her final shout was when she announced that Elijah waited at the door for me. Gathering my stuff, I swung my bag over my shoulder before pounding down the stairs. I almost knocked my mother over I hurried to the door, catching my breath, I then left for school with Elijah. He had greeted with the smallest of smiles. I noted his hair in his face and his usual baggy clothing; it was as if it wasn’t him I had seen only the other day. 

I said nothing as we walked to school; Elijah was trying harder than usual to make a move, as if he was making it obvious that he was back to his usual self. Every time I rejected him, not knowing whether or not I should have trusted him. He seemed pained by my actions, and I saw that these emotions were sincere.

“I’m sorry about the other day,” I finally said.

“What do you mean?” he questioned, giving up on trying to hold my hand.

“I’m sorry for rushing out like that, it’s just I really had to go.”

“oh, it’s fine.” 

As we continued to walk, I wondered whether I should question him not. Maybe it was best I did get some answers from him. Inhaling heavily, I finally spoke up, “Elijah, do you really live with your parents? It seemed as if no one else was living there with you?”

He seemed to stiffen a little as he looked over at me. “Of course I live with my parents, a teenage boy’s not exactly going to live on their own, are they?”

“No, I guess not,” I responded as I turned my head away, the smallest of frowns shown.  “What about what you wearing?” I started up again. “That doesn’t seem like you.”

“I was going out with my parents that night, thought I’d look nice for the meal,” he said sternly, though I didn’t seem to sense any truth in his words.

“Oh,” was all I could manage as I wrung out my fingers. I didn’t dare ask about the empty closet, and then he’d know that I was looking through his house when I shouldn’t have.

He reduced his distance between him, his eyes darker from what I could see through his hair. Pursing his lips into a straight line, he picked up the speed, but it didn’t seem as if he wanted me to do the same. Following behind him, I stared contently at him, wondering what was wrong; I had only asked a few questions. 

On entering school, he parted with me and went to his first lesson without another word. I watched him before heading for my first lesson, my head hung. As I sat at the back of the class, I couldn’t help but think of how weird he had acted. That wasn’t like me, he would have never snapped before, he always kissed my ass, he’d do anything for me to like him. Leaning over the table, I began to draw a werewolf, my eyes darkening as I did for his actions confused. I felt my skin burning up, that strange nagging in my fingertips returning, as well as in the tips of my toes. Calming myself, it soon faded, thankfully enough, for I felt as I would pass out. 

I re-joined Elijah during lunch, we both sat on the hill that overlooked the field as well as moving cars on the motorway in the distance. We never ate lunch, but we never questioned one another. He seemed to have calmed down from when we had last spoke, and I had noticed his hand fishing for mine again. I was confused as to whether I had liked him not. Our first kiss had came about because I was drunk, though a part of me was telling myself that I was attracted to him. The second affectionate action had been because of his actions, because he had stood up for me and I had never seen that side before, but boy did I like it.

Watching as he lay back, I soon copied him. Staring up at the clouded sky, I sighed softly. 

“You know,” Elijah began. “On the night of Halloween, there’s going to be a full moon.”

Looking over at him, both of my eyebrows were pulled together in the middle, my eyes narrowing. “huh, that’s convenient for my werewolf costume,” I commented.

“Yeah, for your costume,” he answered in a way I couldn’t quite understand. It was as if he knew something I did, though I didn’t know what. 

The rest of the day flew by, Elijah returning to his normal self. I was thankful to return home after school, this was all too obvious when I climbed onto my bed. Spreading out over it, I fell asleep early that night, due to sleeping late the night before. 

At 3am I woke with a sweat, my mouth dry. Little did I know my eyes had turned a bright yellow, my pupils much smaller than they should have been. Climbing to my feet, I fanned myself with my hand, my skin soaked with sweat. Breathing deeply, I looked into the mirror as to sort out my hair. Noting the eyes, I stared deeply into the mirror, a shocked look shown, how had that happened? I remembered my grandmother’s eyes looking like this in the photo and that had scared me greatly. What if my Uncle Brian was right? What if I ended up the same as her? Shaking it from my mind, I staggered down the stairs and onto the street. Maybe an early morning walk would help clear my mind and rid me of this fever. 

Aimlessly I moved on down the sidewalk, my arms folding over my torso, my skin still seeping with sweat, my throat still dry. I didn’t know about my eyes and I didn’t want too. Having stared on in the distance as I walked, I soon found that I had made my way to the woods. Moving into the shadows, the trees towering over me, I was careful of where I stood as I moved farther in. A strange scent rose to my nose, though I didn’t bother reacting as I moved on through the trees. 

A cold breeze blew by me, a shiver sent down my spine, ignoring it I looked on through the trees, but I could hardly make anything out. Rustling came from my left, looking there almost immediately; I was comforted to discover it was just the bushes blowing with the wind. Exhaling heavily, it wasn’t long before I was shocked again as a twig snapped beneath my foot. A croaked laugh sounded as I shook it off. I had to stop being so silly, there was nothing out there to hurt me, or so I thought.

Stepping on through the trees, I noticed a figure not far from me, and, as I reduced the distance between me, I saw they were arched over another. My curiosity got the best of myself I moved closer, wanting to find out what it was. Narrowing my eyes, I made the person out to be Elijah; he stood over a corpse, fresh blood smeared over his mouth. 

I had parted my lips to shout, to scream, but instead it had been a bark, not that I had noticed for I was too terrified to even think of myself. He had turned to look at me, his eyes fully black. Turning away from him, I ran from the scene, unsteady on my feet with the fear that coursed through me. I breathed heavily, not caring for all the sweat that caused my clothes to stick to me. Weeping, I fell to the soil, crushing crisp leaves beneath me. Pushing myself to my feet, my breathing became staggered I remembered which way to go to get out onto the street. I knew he was near, I could hear him. 

Breaking out in a sprint, I stumbled on through the trees that seemed to surround me as I came nearer to the clearing. Staggering out onto the road, I fell to my knees, not capable of running anymore.

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