The Signal

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The Signal

Moses Jameson's head felt like someone was drilling into his brain. The worst hangover in his life was going to greet him when he dragged his ass out of bed.

'That was one hell of a leaving bash', he chuckled to himself, wincing as memories of the god-awful karaoke contest came flooding back. He couldn't sing for shit. Hell, he just plain couldn't sing.

He sat up. The hangover swiftly made its presence felt.

'Ugh, last time I'm ever drinking with those diplomats, that's for damn sure,' he moaned. The Japanese delegates were heading home after a successful round of talks; little did Moses know that they would insist on having such a wild party. He smiled at the memory of his colleagues trying to sing some god awful ABBA song.

Moses got to his feet and staggered into the kitchen of his small New York apartment. Regardless of his hangover, he automatically went into his morning routine, get ass out of bed, Get a coffee (this case very strong coffee), and switch on the radio and get some breakfast.

Moses had worked for the United Nations as a special envoy for the past 5 years, he had travelled all over the globe, trying, and mostly failing to negotiate peace deals in the world's trouble spots and war zones. He had seen a lot of bad stuff in his travels; he was even shot on his trip to Afghanistan in 2010. Luckily, for him the bullet had only grazed him, unlucky for the guy standing behind him, he had bought it instantly.

He winced at the memory. David Grayson had been a good friend over the years, and he didn't deserve to die like that. All Moses had left to show for it was the scar on his right shoulder.

He leaned against the work surface. There has been so much death, so little peace. He had done his best to try to forget such memories, but it was no use, the trauma of seeing a good friend die still haunted him.

Dark stubble covered his jaw, and his mouth felt like cotton. He walked over to the sink and filled the kettle, the sooner he had caffeine in his system the better.

Moses was 35, divorced and was starting to go grey. He was a good-looking guy, or so he liked to think. His wife had left him two years previously, she had blamed his job for the breakdown of the relationship, and he just thought she was a bitch.

Something on the radio grabbed his attention. 'No way did I just hear that!' He thought.

'The hangover must have really got me messed up this morning.' But no the newsreader was still talking; "...It seems some sort of message has been received from an unknown source from outer space, details at this time are very sketchy at best, we will have more information soon, keep listening to this amazing breaking story."

'No shit! Talk about the underestimation of the ruddy millennium'.

He stood in his boxers staring at the radio; he could not believe what he had just heard.

"Worst hangover ever," he moaned as his cell phone began to ring...


It was at 9am EST when the public became aware of the events unfolding in space. The United Nations Security Council decided to make the news public, as even they would be unable to hide the approaching spaceship from watchers on the ground. The First ship had now passed Mars, and was, according to astronomers now only an hour away from reaching the Earth. The speed of its approach had stunned observers. If the vessel could travel millions of miles in only a matter of hours what else could it do?

This very question concerned Professor Tanya Grey. She had been an astronomer for over a decade and had spent most of her youth, and all of her adult life gazing at the stars. For years, she had dreamed of such a day when humanity would meet other civilizations, but she expected that to happen far in the future and certainly not in her lifetime.

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