Chapter 4

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While regaining my consiousness again, I felt my head being placed on someones lap. I heard voices of what sounded like a couple of boys. They sounded worried and one even started yelling? My eyes fluttered open to see the most handsome face I've ever seen looking down at me. I recognized it from somewhere but i couldn't put my finger on it. Then it hit me. Could it be? It was Justin Bieber.

***Justin's POV***

Me and the guys ran over to the girl we knocked out with the football.

"Nice aim," i muttered to Ryan while shooting him a scowl. When I saw the girl laying on the floor i realized she was unconsious. She looked so pale but at the same time she looked so beautiful. She had long straight blonde hair and the cutest face. I placed her head on my lap as i kneeled down beside her. I stroked her hair gently, hoping she would wake up any second. I then heard Chaz scream.

"What the hell?" I turned around to see him running from a skunk. Wow what a girl. Ryan was on the floor rolling with laughter. I chuckled, i then heard someone moan. I turned my attention to the girl laying on my lap as she began to sit up holding her head. Wow she had the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen. She looked at me with painin her eyes.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

"Y-Yeah" she studdered while i saw her studying me with her eyes growing wider.

"Are you J-Justin Bieber?"

I chuckled and nodded while grabbing her hand to help her up. I immeadeatly felt sparks when i touched her.

***Allison's POV***

Justin grabbed my hand to help me up. I felt tiny sparks ashe touched me, but i just shook off the feeling. I couldn't fall for him or for anyone. After what Jake did to me I didn't want to get hurt again so I figured the best way was to just just avoid getting feelings for anyone.

"So, what's your name?" Justin asked while still holding my hand.

"Allison, but you can call me Ally." I said as i let go of his hand and shyly looked down.

I could feel him looking at me so i looked up to meet his light brown hazel eyes. They were flawless. He was flawless. I was lost in his eyes. I could feel something inside of me. I was starting to get butterflys in my stomach. Hours could pass by and i would still be lost in his eyes. I then realized i was having feelings for him. He started leaning in but i then backed away and stopped myself. No. I couldn't have feelings for anyone. I can't like him. I won't. I can't bare the thought of gettnig hurt again. I still haven't gotten over Jake and the pain he made me feel. Im guessing i zoned out for a while because Justin then came over to me and grabbed both of my hands, making me feel the sparks again.

"Are you okay Ally?" he asked. I didn't even realize tears were running down my face until now. Before i could stop myself the tears began to flood out and i began sobbing at the thought of Jake. Why did i always cry just thinking about him. I needed to forget about him. I needed to forget about love itself. It was too painful. Everytime i had a boyfriend it always ended in a heartbreak and scar left in my heart, I though Jake was different, I thought he would never hurt me, or play with my feelings, but like always i was wrong. Every guy was the same. Who was I to try and change any boy.

"No i'm not okay, my EX boyfriend doesn't have a heart and now mines is broken." I bursted out. Why would i tell him that?! I just met the kid and i'm already pouring out my feelings to him. God i'm such an idiot sometimes. Why would he care about how i felt. I should of just lied to him. But it's too late now i already poured out my feelings to him.

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