"We have to go pack" Angel frowned. "I don't wanna leave" Travis sighed. "I hope we atleast visit each other" Nora said. "We definitely need to do this ever summer" AG smiled. "I can't wait for next summer then" I frowned. "Come on let's go pack everything" Monti grabbed Danielle.

We all packed everything up. It was so quiet. It's never been so quiet in this house. The boys put our bags in the trucks. "I hate this!" Alexandria cried. "Saynig goodbye last year was harder than this" Harry sighed. "It took forever to get over everyone leaving" Leisa frowned.

*a while later*

"How about we have one last amazing dinner together?" Liam asked. "Sounds great dude" Thomas patted his shoulder. "What should we have?" Ashlee asked. "I want some potatoes and mac n' cheese" Wesley smiled. "Y'all want some steaks?" Kayla looked at the boys. "We'll make them" Niall said.

*during supper*

"I'm gonna miss this" Danielle frowned. "Supper was always the best time of the day" Justin nodded. "We have all those pictures. I'll give everyone a copy of each pic" Michelle smiled. "This is gonna be our every summer plan" Asher said. "Who wants ice cream?" Raney asked.

*after dinner*

"Can I talk to you Ash?" Jeremy asked. "Sure Jeremy" Ashley smiled. "I'm so sorry for hurting you all those times" he sighed. "It's okay" she said. "No it's not. I was an asshole" He looked at her. "I love you Jeremy. It's fine really" she hugged him. "You love me?" he smiled.

"Yes I do" Ashley smiled. "But why? After all I did" Jeremy asked. "I loved the way uou dealt with Leisa's ex" she smiled. He smiled. "It was cute Jerbear" she said. "Can we have another chance?" he looked at her. She nodded, smiling. He picked her up and kissed.

*a moment later*

"Yay! We're all together again" Kayla squealed. "Well do it right this time girls" Monti smiled. We kissed our boyfriends. "It's time to go" Michelle frowned. Everyone hugged and kissed. "See y'all next summer mates" Nialla smiled at them, grabbing my hand. We all smiled and cried.



Hope y'all enjoyed this story! (:

I had fun writing it. It wasn't my best story.

I will have an epilogue up in a while!

Everyone is finally happy and together again! <333

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