[20] R.O.O.M.M.A.T.E.S.

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Chapter Twenty
Chase’s POV

I stared, watching, my mouth hanging agape as suddenly I could see sort of what reminded me of a movie theater screen, revealing Jason, his eyes looking hopeful and completely miserable.

“We’re… going to get you better, Chase… I know you might hate me… you might not want me around… and you’re going to be super pissed when you’re back to normal and you find everything’s been broken in your house…”

Say what?!

“But I’m going to try the best I can to make you happy… Hell, I’ll buy you a new house. I’ll buy you a freakin’ mansion if you want it. Even if you can’t understand that now… I’ll buy you flowers, get you the best blood, make sure you can always hunt and I’ll always be there for catch you when you fall. Hell, I’d do anything to make you happy, Chase.”

Jason took a deep breath, shook his head slightly and the screen tilted, like someone was cocking their head.

Jason grimaced, and then the vision was cut off causing me to stare at the now blank screen, different feelings rushing through me at once.

I didn’t hate him…

He’d buy me a mansion?

No one has ever thought about things like that this much about me before…

I felt actual tears pricking my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I didn’t get it. Why would he say those things? Was he still trying to hurt me? Why would he try to hurt me by making me believe that he loved me? Was he really that bad of a person? Why couldn’t people just leave me alone?

I’m so sick and tired of trying to fend off all the fucking hurt, and pain and agony, and I’m just trying, trying too freaking hard to escape from the pain that had been inflicted on me in the past, and yet people still kept trying to hurt me.

What did I ever do to deserve this? When did I do it? I don’t get it…

Why won’t people just let me be happy?

Didn’t I just deserve a small amount of that…?

Goddess, why do you always fling these people at me? What did I do? Please, just tell me what I did wrong…

I won’t…

I won’t be bad…

I won’t be bad again, mommy.’ The voice echoed around me, followed by the sound of water rushing, way too fucking loudly, and I felt like I was thrown, seconds before I was viewing one of my earliest memories, making me swallow roughly, as I tried not to let the hurt pool.

“God damn it, Chase, why the fuck do you have to be such a waste of time!?”A thirty five year old woman growled, glaring at a very small, rather weak looking ten year old kid, with white blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were watering.

“I’m sorry mommy. I thought I could help.”

“Well, stop trying would you?! God knows why I even wanted kids in the first place, stupid snot nosed brats. Always trying to get into my fucking stuff and bother me with stupid teachers who know nothing. You aren’t above average!” She turned a vicious hiss towards the boy. “And if anyone ever tells you that again, you know what you say?!”

“That I’m not worth it.” The boy mumbled quietly, and the mother’s eyes narrowed.

“Exactly. Now go take your stupid face out of my sight and leave me alone.” She spat. “Your father is coming over and I’d rather not he see one of the biggest mistakes of our lives.”

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