1 - Glimpse of Her

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“You can’t do this Ge! I don’t permit you to do this!”

Gerald faced her, containing his anger “I’m leaving tomorrow” he tells her. Kim slapped him, she was freakin mad at him for deciding on his own… plus, she wasn’t accepted for the show she auditioned in, making her more furious.

“How dare you?! Hindi mo man lang ako sinama sa pagdedecision mo? Pagkatapos ng lahat ng ginawa ko para sayo?” she cried out.

Gerald, who was almost done cleaning out his office, placed the box he was holding down and angrily looked at her “Let’s finish this Kim. Let’s finish us. I’m done, I’m sorry.” He told her.

“You’re just mad. Galit ka lang. Bukas, makalawa babalik ka ulit sa akin. Wag na nating pahirapan sarili natin. You know you can’t live without me.” She answered confidently.

Gerald shrugged and carried the box from earlier “Bahala ka” he said and went out.

“You’ll come back to me Ge! Gagapang kang pabalik dahil kailangan mo ako…” she yelled. He shook his head and continued to walk out his office… out of her life.

“I’m… I’m Paulo nga pala. Paulo Avelino”

Gerald nodded and took the hand he was offering “Gerald Anderson” he shook his hand “So… Matagal ka ng volunteer?” he asked. Both just arrived at the cabin at the foot of the mountain.

“Ah… yeah. 2 years I think.” He answered “Baka abutan tayo ng gabi kung ngayon tayo pupunta… bukas na lang. Charge your phone… your laptop… lahat. There’s no electricity there.” He reminded Gerald.

“May mga ganon pa pa lang lugar…”

Paulo sat himself down “They chose to stay there… they chose not to have electricity. Dr. Phil said their not really welcoming… may volunteer teacher daw dun and got married with a local. Doon tayo titira kasi hindi siya mismo sa loob ng village nakatira.” He explained. Dr. Phil was once the doctor in that place.


“They don’t accept outsiders that much. But her husband is nice daw. I hope they treat us well…” Paulo said.

Gerald nodded “Yeah… I hope so too.” And carried his bag on his back

Paulo looked at him “Where are you going? The sun’s about to set” he asked upon seeing Gerald gearing up.

“Out. I’m going out. Ngayon lang ako nakapunta sa ganito, pagbigyan mo na ko. Well then… bye!” he said and went outside, obviously excited to explore around.

Gerald smiled when the fresh air greeted him upon stepping out their cabin. It was a far cry from the city, he thought.

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