The New Kid

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Chapter 2

Zayn's POV

"You know,maybe once in a while you could text me letting me know how late your going to be so I don't have to wait for you in this hot weather!" I complained,as Rachel got into the car.

"Geez,Sorry Zayn"

"Yeah,you better be" I teased,driving us off to school.


Rachel's POV

As me and Zayn walked into school,I notcied that alot of people were walking around and gossiping. Not that it was anything new,but mostly all the girls were freaking out like they just saw someone famous walk through the building.

"Whats this all about?" Zayn asked looking just as confused as me.

"What was going on..?"

Just then I realised what was happening.

A new boy.

He came in walking his way with an atractive strut,not noticing all the girls dying over him. He had brown hair that was styled to the side and wore red jeans and a blue and white striped top with TOMS. He also wore a cheeky smile on his face.

"Rach!!,Zayn!" A cheerful Irish voice said behind us.

"Hey Niall!" I greeted, giving him a hug.

"Whats up Rach?" he replied casually.

Now this Irish lad is my other best friend. I've known him since I was 7. He finds everything absoulutely hilarious,he can put a smile on your face in a matter of seconds,and thats one of the things I love about him,although he has a strange love/obession for food, Niall eats everything and anything. You'll never find him without food,wheather you can see it or not.

"Vas happenin?!?" He asked looking over at Zayn, attempting to sound like him.

Zayn rolled his eyes then laughed.

Just then.... *Brrrrrriinngg* The bell rang.

"Ill see you guys at break" I said walking away.

"Okay, see yahh Rach!"


I hear them both shout behind me.


I made a small stop at my locker to grab a couple of books and also my time table. I looked at it to see what I had first.. 'Music' is what it read.

I made my way to the music room, and as I got closer, I could hear the light sound of the piano,and a beautiful angelic voice.

I walked faster, eager to see who it was...

"....there now, steady love, so few come and don't go

Will you, won't you be the one I always know?

When I'm losing my control, the city spins around

You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

Oh, oh, oh

Be my baby

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

I'll look after you"

As he finished, I stood there absouletly amazed... it was the new guy.

"That was amazing " I beamed

"Uhh,thanks I guess.." he replied akwardly, slightly blushing.

"No,really it was.. "

He smiled

"Im Louis by the way" he said politely holding his hand out.

"Rachel" I replied,shaking his hand.


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