Chapter One- First Day Back

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Five years later- Year 12 for Mason & Year 11 for Darcy

“Darcy! Wake up, you’re late!” I could hear some scurrying around outside of my bedroom. I tried to open my eyes but my eyelids were far too heavy. I drifted back in to the world of dreams and tried to forget the fact that I had to wake up for school about twenty minutes ago. I closed my eyes for no longer than a few seconds before my mother burst in through the door and dropped a wet flannel on my face. I immediately opened my eyes, wide and alert. My mother only ever got the wet flannel out when she was angry.

I stood up and the cold bed room air attacked my body. I immediately shivered and I could feel the goose pimples rising on my skin. I ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower I got in and let the warm water loosen my muscles and wake me up. I grabbed my shampoo and squirted a blob of the pink liquid in to my palm and slowly massaged it into my long brown hair. I rubbed the shampoo deep into my scalp; my shower was my favourite part of the morning. I thought that it was calming and it helped to prepare me for the rest of the day. The moment I stepped out of the door I didn’t feel safe anymore. I was content at home, that was my place, my place to relax, my place to worry and my place to go when I had problems. After my shower I carefully stepped out of the shower and brushed my teeth. After I applied my moisturiser and added my serum to my hair, I walked into my bedroom to find my older sister raiding my wardrobe. Her long blonde hair was tied in a messy bun on top of her hair and her white dressing gown was falling down her shoulder.

“What are you doing?” She jumped, surprised by my entrance but she did this all of the time these days.

“I am searching for something to wear!” she started throwing all my useless clothes onto my bedroom floor and I could see her role her eyes. She pulled her dressing gown back up her shoulder, grabbed a handful of clothed and walked out of my room.

“Amalie! When you get home tonight you had better clear this all up, I’m not doing it!” I shouted as she walked gracefully out of my room. When we were younger, I was always the angelic sister, however as I have gotten older I have got a lot less elegant where as Amalie could be wearing six inch Jimmy Choo heels with one heel missing and still manage to stay up right.

I started to try and distinguish my uniform under the rubble that is my clothes. I picked up my navy blue blazer after it has fallen of the clothing hanger and I tried to find one of my nice new shirts, which had not turned a vile colour after being washed in a wrong wash. I found my red tie flung around the door handle and my pale skin coloured tights were laying on the floor beside my bed. Lastly I tried to find my navy skirt but I couldn’t find it. I started throwing all the clothes on my floor to the other side of my room to see if I could get to the bottom of the pile. I was running around in a shirt and tights panicking about being late. I had exactly twenty minutes before I had to leave the house, and I still had to do my hair and put on some make up.

I went to find my mom to ask if she had seen it, but as usual she took one glance and found it straight away, typical mother. I went back into the bathroom and found Tyler in front of the mirror styling his short blonde hair the exact same shade as Amalie. Lots have people have told me that my family is perfect, however I beg to differ. My older brother and sister are twins, they look very alike, they both have soft blonde hair that is the same shade as my mother, and their eyes are both blue again like my mother, however that is where the similarities with my mother stop. Both of my siblings have exactly the same shape nose as my dad and exactly the same face shape as my dad. My friend thinks that to have an older brother is to have a protector, but my older brother enjoys winding me up, and tormenting me and my sister and I do not really get along all that well, but I know that if I had a problem I could go to her for advice.

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