Daddies Little Girl

All Rights Reserved By Author Chatzy Olsen 


“ Listen kid, My daughter is, umm, everything. She need me, as much as I need her. That means, someday I’ll have to let her go, and when I do she needs to be with a man: not a boy, which you are.”

“ I Love Her”

 “ Yeah, sure you do. I know what type of guy you are, and in the pass I used to be the same thing, you know what that means? That mean one day you’ll leave her for somebody else and break her heart and that can’t happen

 “ You don’t know us”

 “ I don’t want to, I don’t want to know you. Get in your car and leave, don’t come back, ‘Cause if you do, it’s not going to be good for you.”

 “What would you do?”

 “ I’d hit the road. She’s Daddies Little Girl, and it stays that way.”

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