Okay so, I posted the first chapter of the sequel early. Reason being - I go back to school on Sept the 4th, so I won't even have much time to write, so I decided to leave behind a chapter about the sequel for my fans & readers to read. So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy it, and if you have any banners, or like covers or anything really, just send them over :) I'd be more than happy to feature them in the next chapters, in the sequel. :D But don't get me wrong, I'll update the sequel.. it's just you guys won't get the updates as quickly as you'd like or I'd want to.. so yeah. BARE WITH ME GUYS? <3 k d'ankkks. 

Wanna contact me? I have twitter, tumblr, all that stuff. -_- BUT YEAH, simple inbox - ing is good. 

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