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  • Dedicated to To those who were in the same group as I was for this game/activity

This is Just a Little Something WE had to do in Class, we were on Poetry, the Bold words r the words i ONLY allowed to use for that line, so the word could be Crave but i'm allowed to use it as Craving, Make no Mistake though I Myself Alone created this no collaboration

so Here We GO!

Reconcile yourselves, Mourn,Crave your Screams of  Misery

Softly Allure you, Craving your Stoney Death 

Untangle and Reconcile, it's Bliss your Soft Screams

Oblivious to your Soft Praises

Reconcile to Feast

Softly Mourn in your Fountain of Sadness it's Glorious to see

NOW you can Understand Why I named it After the Mythical Creature Siren, understand to see it is a SIREN


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