Chapter 4

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"I think we better go." Skip said, I could tell he didn't want to stay any longer. He WILL end up punching someone.

"I'm going to go home too..." Harley said, grabbing her shoes.

"No, it's bad to drink and drive... You can stay over with me and Ave..." Skip said to Harley, the way they smiled at each other was so cute!

"Okay, thanks. I'll go tell the twins. You two stay here..." She whispered , we both nodded saying our goodbyes to everyone. Yeah, it was awkward. People were still shocked at what has just happened.

"You guys are leaving?!" Luke came out, with his arms spread out. I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his around my body.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I can't stay here..." I mumbled into his chest.

"It's okay, I understand... I'm sorry for what Beau had... You know... Said." He looked back to check whether he was behind him.

"Happy birthday anyway, hope that didn't ruin it. I'll see you around?"

"Of course it didn't. And thanks for coming..." I gave him one last hug.

Harley and Daniel said goodbye to Luke too, before we opened the door, I heard footsteps coming towards us. We turned around to see Jai standing in front of us, frowning.

"Nooooo, you're leaving?" He walked closer, and then pulled us all in for a group hug.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I was going to find you and tell you, but you were with..." Jai nodded, and I stopped talking. In the corner of my eye, I saw Beau peeking through the gap between the kitchen doors.

"I really don't want you guys to leave..." he frowned even more.

"Sorry Jai, I can't stay here. Happy birthday, and I'll see you soon anyway!" I hugged him one last time before leaving. Leaving without saying goodbye to Beau. But I did look straight at him in the gap before I left. Showing him that I knew he was there but I was too mad at him to say bye.

When walking to Skip's house, everyone was silent. I mean, who would want to talk after that? Harley kissed Beau. Skip likes Harley, and now probably hates Beau. And I... Well, I like Beau... I think. But I'm not really sure anymore.

When we got to Skip's house, we decided to sleep in the living room (that's what we always do). Harley fell asleep the moment we had the duvet out.

"So... What's been going on then?" Skip whisper-asked me.

"I... I don't even know. Well, obviously I'm going to tell you everything, I mean... It's you." I could feel my eyes burning a little, was it because I was tired or because I was about to cry? Skip nodded a little, before I started talking again.

"Well, tonight... Beau kissed me."

"WHAT THE F-..." I slapped my hand across his mouth. 'shut up! Harley's asleep!' I mouthed to him.

"Yeah, he told me to stay away from Jai and then kissed me. And before he turned all crazy on me... I thought I... Liked him?" I said like it was a question. He nodded like he knew all along.

"He went a bit weird on me when he found me and Jai in bed sleeping, NEXT to each other." I continued, the look on Skip's face before I said 'next to each other' was too funny.

"Yeah, he saw you two dance with each other..." my heart stopped for a moment.

"No... He didn't."

"He told me that he wasn't liking you and his brother together." Skip explained to me, backing away a little. Knowing that I've had too much information in one night.

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