Spy Queen

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This is a story i wrote a long time ago. . . very amateurish, but i like the plot in it :) so here u go :D

Spy Queen

Still so unsure of myself I was thought I, silently laughing as my stilettoes clicked on the cobbled walk. I knew he was behind me and he thought he was so superior to me! Every move I made tempted him sorely and every move he made I cooly calculated, I faltered deliberately. Fiddling with my purse string that had curiously come undone, or had it? As he lunged I threw the purse down, daddy’s little girl can take care of herself. My hand connected with his and the knife spun across the cobbled stones. I laughed cruelly as the heel of my stiletto slashed across his throat and his face was locked in a permanency of shock. His life gurgled and drained away beneath him as he sank to the ground. I scooped the knife up and looked up to the window where he stared down at me with his jaw clenched. Of course daddy’s little girl could take care of herself a lot better if daddy wasn’t sending hired mercenaries and assassins after her. I waved at my father with the knife of my assailant, score number six goes to me.

Yes, there had been five others and as I rubbed my shoulder where the first one had left a memento I thought of how close I had come to death. He had attacked me on my nineteenth birthday, I had a fight with my father and left the house. Daddy couldn’t let someone who knew as much as I did go, therefore I was pursued and almost killed. He made a mistake though and left me, daddy wasn’t impressed and had him killed however my father thought me dead until I joined an organization that was one of his major enemies. His next attempt was a man with a deadly gun but unfortunately dear little daughter also had one, my first kill. The organization trained me and helped me overcome my bleeding heart, daddy couldn’t hurt me any longer.

The next three were close together and I had a hard time with all of them, this one was only a boy. Why would he send an inexperienced boy? Turning as I stooped to pick up my purse I scanned the area, stunned I found no one and walking to my waiting limo I told Eric to take the long way home . No way was I going to trust my father. Did he think that just because he sent a boy to attack me I would let my guard down? He should know by now that I wasn’t vulnerable to emotional attacks, I also wasn’t immune though. Tonight that boy would plague my dreams, grimacing I realized it wasn’t even night as the church bells chimed midnight.

Eric gave me a piercing look and I sent him back an equally piercing look that told him not to mess with me, he turned back to the road silently. My mission had been simple, go into my father’s house under cover of his huge party and discover when the next drug delivery was. My father was into all aspects of crime and nearly untouchable as he was a major political figure in Spain, diplomatic immunity. I found out the time and made sure my father was unaware I had done so. I shoved the knife into a plastic bag and into my purse, my feet throbbed in protest and I slipped my sky high stilettoes off. The luxurious limo belonged to the company and I took a shot of strong vodka as Eric smoothly maneuvered the monstrosity around to my cozy apartment that also was one of the organization’s. Smiling I looked out the tinted window and wondered how much of the city the organization owned. As the limo glided to a stop I got out and Eric gave me a hopeful look, shaking my head I slammed the limo door shut behind me.

Eric wanted to come in but I couldn’t let him, no one was allowed to date other members of the organization because it would create a weak link in our impenetrable chain. Or that was how the leader of our organization, Leo, explained it. Anyone we did have a relationship with had to go through massive background checks and screening, we had no personal life for our own safety. I didn’t much care though, at twenty two I wasn’t really part of a social scene. My father had pretty much assured that, seeing him for the first time in three years had been brutal but necessary. I needed him to know that I was still a threat and that he wasn’t going to take me down anytime soon. Pretending that I was going into the one building I went straight through to the back door and out into the alley just in case someone was watching. Pulling down the fire escape I scrambled up it and into my window, pulling it back up was difficult but not impossible.

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