(Craigs POV)

 "Jasmine...Jasmine," I say shaking her shoulder. She wrinkles her nose and buries it in her pillow.

 "Leave me alone," She mutters.  "If you want breakfast go make some toast or something."

 I laugh and shake her again. "That sounds so tempting, but we actually have a project to work on."

 "What?" She asks opening her eyes and look at me. Her eyes widen when she sees me sitting on her bed. "What the hell are you doing in my room?"

 "Your brothers let me in and said i could wake you." I say to her.

 "That doesn't mean you should!" She snaps pushing her hair out her eyes.

 i smirk and look her up and down. "Cute pajamas, can i borrow them?"

 Jasmine glares and pulls the covers up to ger chin, hiding her cupcake pattern shorts and blue tank top. She slaps me across the face with a pillow and kicks me off her bed. "Get the hell out, go downstairs or something. Just get out my room."

 "Anything for you princess," I say, standing and heading for the door.

 "Do.Not.Call.Me.That." Jasmine says with stern tone and narrowed eyes. I winks at her and leave the room, closing the door behind me.

A few minutes later Jasmine comes downstairs and i flash a smirk. The doll in her hands starts crying and she flings it towards me. I move quickly to catch the doll.

 "Are you crazy? You can't be flinging our baby around like that." I exclaim breathing hard.

 "Our baby? No, that thing did not come out of me. That's our project and nothing else." Jasmine says crossing her arms.

 I glance down at the baby in my arms. "Don't worry Juliana, she didn't mean that."

 "Juliana? You named it too?" Jasmine asks in disbelief.

 "It just came to me." I respond shrugging. She blink slowly before rolling her eyes and heading into the kitchen. I follow being her as the baby continues to cry and I look around. "What should we do now?"

 Jasmine pours her self some orange juice and shrugs. "I dunno, I'm not a mother."

 "Well you are for this project." I point our bluntly. She narrows her eyes at me and I sigh. "Look I know you don't like me. But can you at least try to get along with me for this project? Please,"

 Jasmine sets her orange down and walks over to me so that we're basically nose to nose.  "Fine, but I have a few rules." She says crossing her arms. "Rule one: Do.Not.Touch.Me...Ever! Rule two: don’t even try to flirt with me because I'm not interested. Rule three: If you even try anything with me I will make your life a living hell."

 I roll my eyes and nod. "Gee, is that all?"

 "Yup. Do you agree?" She asks studying me.

 "Yeah, but one question." I say stepping even closer. "Why do you hate me so much? Last time i checked I never even talked with you until that day in detention."

 "Exactly my point," She says pushing past me and going in to the living room. 

 "You know we have to write a five page essay on what this project has taught us, right?" I ask here as we sit down onthe couch with her brothers.

 Jasmine gives me a blank face. "Oh that's nice, tell me more."

 I laugh and look at the tv. "This is going to be a long two week huh?"

She nods and crosses her arms. "Sure is."

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