Hi guys this is my first ever story so please don't judge me :P, i will try and spell check but no guarantees on that and i will always welcome comments whether they are critical or not so yeah I'm just gonna do what i see on all the other story's?? comment, vote and fan??, i hope i got that right XD

Chapter 1.

Luna's POV

"Why don't you just get away from me you little looney freak!" Draco Malfoy spat at me

I turned round to see everybody staring and laughing and chanting at me,




I turned and ran not caring where i went as long as it was away from them, after all this time after all this torture i still felt a tingling inside me telling me that there was something more than hate between us.

Draco's POV

Oh know here comes Luna again it kill's me to torment her, but if i don't then everybody will know there is som-

I was stopped from my thought's as i heard laughing. I just hoped it wasn't at who I thought it was again...

I slowly turned round dreading what i might see, I saw Luna on the floor with her Golden Curls stuck to her head with the embarrassment.

I ran up to her and tried helping her but somebody tripped her again so she Fell on me, i smiled down into her Peircing Grey eyes before realising what i was doing i quickly covered up my tracks.

"Why don't you just get away from me you little looney freak!" i spat the words where out of my mouth before i had even realised what i had said.

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