Chapter 14 - You taught me love, you saved me.

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A/N : Sorry I havent posted in 5 days, Im currently going through a break up so havent been very inspired. Ive tried my best on this chapter though, I hope you understand.

*** ALEX'S POV ***

Curled in a ball on the fancy terrace, looking down at all the residents in the private green gardens down bellow, I couldnt help but feel jealous of their happiness. I pulled the covers tighter around me, it was so cold but I didnt care. I'd cried out all my tears now and now I was left emotionless. 

A few moments later, Ashley appeared and sat beside me, he didnt say a word, just snuggled under the covers and let me cuddle into him, still staring at the happy people in the gardens.

'You're gonna get pneumonia' Ashley whispered.

'I dont care, its probably less painful than this anyway' I said simply

'He told me what happened?' Ashley said, awkwardly.

'You've spoken to him then' I sighed.

'Yeah, it was a missunderstanding, Alex' he said.

'That I caught him cheating on me?' I said, frowning at Ashley.

'She kissed him, he pulled away, honestly Alex, with his past reputation and what hes done before, its believable' 


I snuggled in close to him, I couldnt believe not long before I was like the happiest person in the world, and now my life was crumbling around me. And I had to go to our home as I couldnt live in the guys clothes forever.

 I slowly got up and awkwardly stood there with Ashley staring up at me.

'Where are you going?' he questioned.

'I need more clothes, so Im just gonna pop over to the appartment to get some' I said simply, folding the covers up neatly.

'Do you want me to go with you?' he asked.

'No, Ill be okay' I sighed.

I walked back into the hotel room, placing the covers on the side of the sofa and grabbing my phone and the hotel room key and my own keys, and walking out, while texting Andy asking him where we was, he had gone out this morning and never came back.

J - Heyy, where are you? x

A - hey, with cc, jinxx, and jake, will be back later, promise x

I sighed, he could've at least told me earlier.

I walked into the parking lot and just immediately thought shit. I would have to get a taxi as my car was still in the appartments parking lot. Everything just felt so wrong and out of place.

I finally arrived at my appartment, walking slowly up the stairs, I bet I looked dreadful in what I was wearing as it was all surprisingly oversized but I didnt care at the looks I got, I just wanted to get into my appartment, well, Ben's appartment, whether he was there or not.

I opened the door awkwardly and walked in, all the lights were off so I put them on, looking around the whole place but couldnt find anyone, so I packed a few things and set out an outfit to wear, then took a shower, got changed, sorted my hair and make up out, did some final packing and then began walking towards the entrance, when I heard some keys rattle and the door opening.

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