Chapter Two

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It was getting darker and darker outside and me, Vic, and Mike were waiting for the bus to come with Jaime and Tony. I had just walked outside when the bus pulled up. I plugged in my ear buds and Pierce The Veil started playing while I walked over to the bus with the two bags I had. I wasn't the type of girl who had tons of clothes and makeup and shoes.

Mike and Vic boy-hugged Tony and Jaime which made me smiled a little. I wish I had a friendship with someone like that.

"Hey, Ness." Jaime said, opening his arms up for me to hug him. I giggled and hugged him, wrapping my arms around him. He was always really sweet to me. It was the reason I asked Vic if I could share a bunk with him. Plus, I knew he probably wouldn't pull anything.

"Okay, you two can hug on the bus." Mike said, patting Jaime's back. I chuckled and broke the hug, walking onto the bus with Jaime.

"My bunk is the last one on the right." He told me. I nodded and went over to it, putting my bags underneath.

"And thanks for sharing your bunk with me." I said, when he came over to put his stuff down.

He smiled. "It's no problem. I didn't want you to have to stay home alone either." I smiled and quickly hugged him, yawning in the process.

"Tired?" I nodded. I had woken up at 5 AM that day since I was so excited about going on tour and I never wake up that early.

"Go ahead, you can sleep."

I smiled and still held onto him. "Can you lay down with me?"

He nodded. "Of course." I smiled and kissed his cheek before laying down in his bunk, scooting my body over to the wall so he had space. He laid down and held his arms open. "Come here."

I giggled and filled the space between his arms, laying on his chest. I immediately felt butterlfies in my stomach. I was happier and I just felt...better.

"Now go to sleep, gorgeous." He said, kissing the top of my head. I smiled and closed my eyes, keeping a light grip on his shirt.

"Night, Jaime."


I laid there with my eyes closed for a while, trying to fall asleep. But I just couldn't. I was too wired. I kept my eyes closed and heard Jaime shutting the curtain to our bunk gently so it didn't make too much noise. I smiled at that and since it was dark, he probably couldn't see. I felt his arms tighten a little bit around me and I felt him kiss my head one more time.

"If only you knew, Ness."

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