Happiest Place On Earth- A One Direction FanFic

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Chapter One:

“We come here so often, it’s starting to feel like my second home, or just someplace to go to kill some time for a few hours. It’s funny because I know that some people wait years to come here and make a huge deal about it, but to us it’s just a normal activity” said Lily.

“Yeah, I guess its just one of the perks of having a sister who works atDisneyland, right? I said.

“Right!” said Maggie and Lilly in unison, and we all laughed.

It was a warm, sunny, summer day in southernCaliforniaat the happiest place on earth. Well actually across the way at California Adventure. Maggie, Lily and I, or whatever two friends I decided to bring that day usually started our day here, not sure why, I guess it was just kind of a tradition, a weekly one at that. We had just arrived, our sunglasses on our faces, and our water, cameras and tickets in our bags slung across our shoulders walking towards one of our favorite rides, Hollywood Tower of Terror. We quickly walked around all of the excited tourists seeing as we wanted to get there before the line got terribly long. We had just passed the count down clock for elecTRONica, a show that played later that night where a bunch of drunken people went and shuffled and watched a trippy light show when Lily, under her breath, said “Pink. Hot, hot, pink.”

“Where?!” I said looking in every direction possible.

A few years ago, Maggie, Lily and I made up this “code” for when we see a cute boy so it wouldn’t be too obvious if we were close enough for the boy to hear us. Basically it’s a scale, Hot Pink the perfect boy, Light Pink, is really attractive, but you could probably find someone better looking than him, Pink is an average boy not too attractive, but he isn’t repulsive, where as if someone were to say Green, you probably don’t want to look at him being as it means he is very, very unattractive. So when Lily said those four words, I know I had something exciting in store for me.

Coming around the corner by the fake theater, is where I first laid eyes on him. He was about6 feettall, slender, and had a full head of curly brown hair. Lily was right, he sure was attractive. He was still pretty far away in the distance so I couldn’t make out his features too well but I still confirmed his rate on the hotness scale.

“Yes, he definitely is Hot Pink! Good Eye!” I told Lily, she laughed.

“Oh.My.Gosh.” Maggie gasped.

“What Maggie?” said Lily

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that One Direction?” she said on the verge of hyperventilating.

“No way! I think you’re right Maggie! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this! I said while jumping up and down a little, my long brown hair flying everywhere.

“Wait are you sure, Page? Wouldn’t they be surr-“Lily began.

“Of course I'm sure; I mean that is totally Harry, look at his curls!” I interrupted

“But wouldn’t they be surrounded by fans if that was them?” Lily said

“We are in America Lily, nobody knows them here” said Maggie

The boys were almost near us by then, and you could absolutely tell it was them. At that point all three of us weren’t sure how to react.

“Should we go talk to them?” I managed to get out due to all the excitement.

“Let’s do it, when will we ever get this chance again? Said Lily

“Okay let’s go!” said Maggie.

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