Chapter 2: What's He Thinking?

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   I walked into my favorite cafe and scanned the corner booths till I found Lucca. He was sipping at a steaming coffee as I sat down across from him. I waved over the waitress and ordered myself a cream filled coffee, extra sweet. Lucca shook his head and said, "Your going to give yourself a heart attack that way. Way too many sweets for one girl."

   "Perhaps I might, but since I've been alive for hundreds of years it really didn't cross my mind. Instead of going off topic, could we get this little conference out of the way so I can go find another meal?" I slumped into my seat, wishing my coffee was at the table so I could busy myself.

   "Of course. I received a call from John. He said he had gathered some info from your hometown. It seems that, someone other than me, is hunting you down. He's been asking about your whereabouts, but of course since you havn't been living there for about forty years nobody is passing out useful information. Do you have any ideas about who it could be?"

   I tapped my fingernails against the counter top thinking it over. "Is there any kind of description of this man? Anything might be helpful."

   "All I've heard is a white male, tall, with the nickname of Tare. Sound familiar?"

   I sat there shocked as the lady with my coffee sat the steaming cup in front of me. "It's not Tare. His nickname is Tear. As in ripping you apart very quickly."

   "How do you know him? Judging by your face, he's not someone you'd like to see again."

   I put my hands around the hot cup, looking for some warmth to heat up the chill radiating through my bones. "We meet at a produce store about one hundred and fifty years ago. He was a farmer living in North Dakota at the time. He was simple, just trying to get by with what he had. I fell in love with him very quickly. After a few years he turned twenty five. I wanted him to be with me for many years to come so I told him about what I was. At first he was frightened by me but he eventually warmed up to the idea that I was a vampire. I asked him one night if he would want to be with me forever. He had thought I meant marriage but I told him what I actually had in mind. He quickly dismissed it but I knew he couldn't forget the idea of it. When he turned thirty, and the first signs of aging started to appear, he asked me to turn him into a vampire while he was still young. In my selfishness, I jumped at the idea when I had the chance. At that time I was only a couple years old as a vampire and I hadn't mastered many of the skills I had acquired yet. So when started the ceremony of the turning, something went wrong. He became what I wanted him to be but he was crazy with zealousness and anger. He became suffocating to be around so I ran off one day to flee from the monster I had created. Now, after many years of hiding, he has finally found my trail again."

   "What will you do now?"

   "I have to run and I have to hide."

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