"Close your eyes" my mum said.

"Why?" I asked in trying to get her hands away from my eyes.

"Tiffany just close them while I take you through to the living room, it's your 16th birthday surprise."

I wondered what it could be, house keys, a new car...

"Now" my dad said, "What did you wish for?"

I got a little embarrassed as I quietly said, "to meet One Direction."

My mum lifted her hands away from my eyes and I blinked a few times too see 5 amazing boys standing in front of me.

"Shit" I said to myself. The room started spinning and I fell down and banged my head. I was conked out.

When I woke up I was lying on the couch. My eyes flickered open and I saw beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair staring back.

"You okay sweetheart?" He asked me.  His Irish accent made me shudder and go bright red.

"Yeah, I think so" I replied

Niall reached out  his hand to help me up. His hands were so soft.

Harry turned and whispered to Louis "I think Niall has found his princess."

Louis replied with a chuckle "Bye Bye Niam." They both laughed.

I looked around the house for my mum while Niall was making sandwiches for everyone, she was no-where to be found.

"Wheres my mum?" I asked Liam who came upstairs to get me for lunch.

He just looked at me awkwardly and asked me to call her.

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