U want to what

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Bambi:where have u been

Ray:at prods house talking with the boys


Ray:why do u look mad

Bambi:I got into it with star

Ray:(sits down on the couch) come talk with ray daddy(pats his lap)

Bambi:(sits on his lap)well I was talking to the girls when star said she like u and I told her to STFU and she called me a hoe(starts crying)and said that u only wanted me for sex(crys hard)and so I told her to get the fuck out of my house and dragged hr by her hair and slammed her on the ground

Ray:o.0 now u know that is not true I-I-I love you Bambi

Bambi:your only saying that because of last night(sniffles)

Ray:NO IM NOT BAMBI.........I'm serious before last night happened I loved u more then how a brother should u shouldn't listen to jealous ignorant people like that(wipes her tears away)

Bambi:ok and I love you to

Ray:good now get dressed we have to go


Ray:just go get dressed

Bambi:ok(goes upstairs and takes a 20 mins shower then gets out and puts on a white crop top that shows her belly button and she puts on some white booty shorts with some pink army combat boots a pink hand ring that says barbie and a pink necklace that says barbie with some pink feather earrings and a pink and black wristbands that says YOLO her hair was straightened with blonde streaks and put on a little make up and some sparkly peppermint lipgloss when she finished we went downstairs to see rayray looking SWAGGED OUT AND SEXY AS FUCK)

ray:wow u look so beautiful and SWAGGED JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER

Bambi:shut up!!!!!!!and u look cute too

Ray:thanx(ray was wearing a black and yellow nirvana hoodie with some leopard print pants with some red and white vans and a orange wristbands that says HYFR and a green wristbands that says PARAMORE and he had on some purple beats by dre and a red and black hat with a domo backpack)

Ray:nooo I look SWAGGED

Bambi:whateva floats your boat kido

Ray:anyways u ready to go

Bambi:yea(they leave out the door and they go to a ice cream shop)

Ray:ban I get a red velvet cookie ice cream

Bambi:and can I get a m&n cookie ice cream

Person:yes that will be 3.50

Ray:(gives him 10.00)keep the change

Person:thanx man(gives them their ice-cream)

Bambi:so why did u bring me here

Ray:so we can talk



Bambi:what about us

Ray:well when I went down prods house I asked them for advice about our relationship and I told them that I really loved u and that we can't just be together like a regular couple but I told them if we wasn't together I Wouldn't be able to live with myself so I asked prince what he thinks and he told me the only way we could be together is if we ran away he also said that we could live in the conjunction house for 4 or 5months while Kesha and Walter are gone I told him would have to think about it and ask you what u think

Bambi:well.........I don't kno what to say but what about mom and dad

Ray:their always working they don't care about us that's why they let me go on tour and they werent crying and when I told them I was comming back they didn't even try to take off work to come and see me

Bambi:your right while u were on tour they were always gone so yes I wouldnt mind going away with u(smiles)

Ray:AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kisses her on the lips)we gone have some ffffuuuuuunnnnnn

Bambi:(giggles)U LIL NASTY

Ray:wateva Mann this ice cream awesome taste it(feeds her some ice cream)



Bambi:here(feeds him some of her ice-cream)



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