Beauty is the Night

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I see you creeping around the corner

As if to tempt me to your dark wonderland

You waltz across the walls, and brush the floor boards with your silhouette

You whisper, and purr temptation in my direction;

a temptation worse than lust

A distant, and answer seeking dance

I dare not turn on a light; for fear you may be consumed by it


Don't Go

Show me the beauty of the dark

The dance continues

You always knew me so well

You could always calculate my every move with accuracy

Half of me wants to give up this chase

The other wants to be consumed by your darkness

Your beautiful darkness

I want answers, but I must keep with this dance

You disappear through the walls into the night air

Quickly I must rush to find you

They said you'd be the death of beauty, but how could you be?

Beauty is the night

Night is the stars, moon, and shadows

Shadows are you

I finally find you

Yet you are behind me

I thought I was the one following you

Only, it was you that was always following me

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