Chap 16

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"Hello Niall!" me and the boys said as we ran in.

"Hey," he said.

"You all right?" I asked and held his hand.

"Im fine love, now the question is... Are you allright?" I blushed an have him a kiss.

"Yes, I'm fine," I smiled and let go of his hand.

"Doctor says I'll be out in a week!," he smiled that gorgeous smile.

"Yay!" we all danced as he laughed.

"Then we can celebrate at Nandos!!" Louis yelled.

"Or spaghetti?" Harry asked.

"No!" we all yelled. Harry laughed with us as the doctor ushered us to leave.

"Love you Niall !" I said and blew a kiss.

"Love you to Kaitlyn," and he blew his kiss back.

"Yes. Yes. I see. Agreed. But...! Ok. Fine. I'll tell." Harry hung up and put his phone in his pocket.

"What happened ?" I asked.

"they wan to do an interview in an hour,"

"But Niall just got home!"

"I tried to tell them!"

"What's going on?" Niall asked as he walked in. He actually was way better. His bones aint broken no more an most of his bruises healed.

"Management wants to do an interview in an hour," Harry Sighed an ploppe on the couch.

"But I just got-"

"He already tried telling them," I said as Niall sat on my lap.

"Isn't the girl supposed to sit on the lap?" I asked.

"Maybe its opposite day!" he gasped.

"No silly, check your calendar." he laughed and stood up.

"Well. Let's get to that interview then," Harry sighed and we all nodded our head.

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