Chapter 3

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My mom was shaking me until i finally awoke.

"Ally, were here you have to get up"

I groaned and grabbed my things and walked out of the plane. While we were in the airport i unlocked my phone to text nessa when i realized the my wallpaper was  a picture of me and Jake cuddling together. I felt as if someone just stabbed me in the heart. No matter how hard i tried forgetting about him I couldn't. I decided to just shake off the feeling for now. I was now in Atlanta. I never had to see him again. A new life. I followed my mom into a taxi as we drove to our house. The taxi stopped in front of this mansion. It looked like the kind of house a celeberty would live in.

"Um mom did you give him the right adress?" i whispered into my moms ear.

She smiled from ear to ear and answered, "Yes sweetie this is our new house."

My mouth gaped open as i stared at the 3 story, hotel looking house standing in front of me. I was in such shock that i didn't even realize i was still in the taxi. My mom giggled and moved me out of the car. I ran inside looking at the giant chandaliers hanging from the ceiling. I saw white leather couches in the living room and flat screen tv's in every room. I went up the spiraled staircase until i reached a huge room at the end of the hallway. It was painted a light purple and had a balcony with an amazing view of the city outside. I saw all my fruniture already in here and i saw another door to my right. When i opened it, it revelead the biggest walk in closet i have ever dreamed of. It had all my clothes inside along with a thousand new ones too. This couldn't be all mine, right?

I saw my mom standing in the hallway and i gave her a questioned look while pointing to the room and the closet. She smiled at me and nodded.

"All yours Als."

I squeled in excitement and tackled her with a hug. After exploring the rest of the house i decided that  i wanted to take a look  outside too. I changed into jean shorts and a lime green tank top along with some converse. I went outside and began to walk down the street. Suddenly i heard a voice scream from a distance,

"Heads up!"

Before i could fully turn around a football knocked into my head at lightning speed causing me to fall onto the concrete floor and everything then went black.

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