Part 3

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OKAY. Well no one has been reading this story but i might as well finish it so there will be more people reading it. OH AND THE PICTURE IS ROSIE! She is so pretty! Okay im just talking to myself so im gonna post the story now. BAI. ~Lauren

Rosie's POV

I found a table and waited there. I took out my phone and got on twitter. I looked at what the 4 boys I've always been interested in, were up to. I checked Zayn's first. He tweeted " Today is so boring. 1/5 of us have to go somewhere and is meeting up with someone." I wonder who it is? Is it Niall? I took a look at Niall's account, "Just here with the lads doing nothing but someone got to go out and meet someone while he left us here dying of pure boredom! Thanks alot man!" okay..... how about Louis? "just sitting down and eating a carrot. Hai everyone! (: x" aha, aww...but maybe it's Liam. Right? "Hello lovely fans! I think we will be doing a twit cam later, since @Harry_Styles had to go somewhere" umm....awkward.. Erm...Harry...he's.. interesting. He is just so weird and he's always around girls. Serioulsy! I mean the guy goes for older women or as they call it, COUGARS! BLAH BLEH BLU!  He's just messed up! ........WAIT.     Tour? Summer? Famous Band? Cousin? 1/5 of the boys?      oh no, don't tell me it's....


Harry's POV

 So Tiffany just got the drinks and I'm here walking to the table. This is kinda awkward. I don't even know the girl and she wants to meet me. Does she even KNOW WHO I AM?! I'm THE ONE. AND ONLY. HARRY. STYLES. what if that's why she wanted to see me! Because she's a big fan of me and just needed an excuse to see me!  Oh well...... Hoping it wasn't the wrong table, I tapped the girl's shoulder and she turned around and stood up. "Um.." she said awkwardly, then muttered something under her breath. "Um, yeah. In case you needed to know but you probably didn't need to, I'm Harry-" "I know, you're Harry Styles from One Direction. So you're the one who has been taking my best friend away from me for 3 summers continuously! why does it have to be continuously?! And won't you be kind and at least ask if I wanted to come?! I know you know who I am because I am absolutely sure Tiffany has been talking about me during your tour! And-" BLAH BLAH BLAH SHEESH! Why do girls keep interrupting! she just kept talking and talking and kept walking forward. She is so full of herself! Who does she think she is?! The ruler of Earth?! or Tiffany's mother?! Uh no. She is her best friend and I am her cousin! I started arguing with her "Um excuse me! But I am her cousin and you are JUST her best friend and I can spend as much time with her as I want to!" " uh okay, but she has a best friend who has ALWAYS been THERE FOR HER! And that's ME! I also want to spend time with her! So stop being so selfish! she isn't yours!" " She technically is!" "NO!" "YES!" she is seriously  getting on my nerves! "You're a poop!" " You're a pig!" "cowhead!" "goat poop!" "Elephant butt!" "You have stinky breath!" "You have stinky trash in your messed up hair!" "OH THAT IS IT! YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY CROSSED THE LINE!


Tiffany's POV

Okay so, I got the drinks. and now, I hear arguing coming from our table's direction. I knew it. This was not a good idea. Rosie doesn't exactly 'LIKE' Harry. But even though! They shouldn't be fighting! Well, luckily the boys are on a break because I will seriously need their assistance with these two. I grabbed the drinks and paid for them. Then I walked straight to the table. People were staring. At least there weren't any fans at this moment... This is so embarassing! As I was walking I was hearing words like : Cowhead, Goat poop, and Elephant butt. UGH, these two are just so weird. They're like 2 negatives and when they're put together, they explode! I walked a litte faster feeling a bit uncomfortable with all the people watching. I finally reached our table and when I did they both looked at me and started arguing telling me how they were THIS and THAT. Seriously! I'm so annoyed! "SHUT UP YOU TWO!" I said so annoyed "but he said he owns you!" "but she said I had trash in my messed up hair! she acts like she knows everything!" " I do not act like I know everything! Have you heard yourslef Mr. Smarty Pants!" I placed all 3 drinks on the table and grabbed both they're ears and twisted them. I heard them growl and rubbing their ears. "Do you want people staring at you guys?! I mean seriously!  You both are acting like little 4 year olds! NOW! GET YOUR DRINKS AND I"LL DRIVE YOU BOTH TO HARRY'S HOUSE SO ROSIE CAN MEET THE REST OF THE BOYS!" I shouted feeling like a mom. " but you can't drive my car! It's mine!" "Yeah Tiffany! and i don't wanna sit in HIS car!" can't these two just listen! " STOP!  Harry, I'm driving your car and that is final! And Lauren you are going in his car! NOW COME ON! Lets go before the paps come!"I just hope I don't stay like this forever. They both took one long, last look at each other and stuck their tongues out at each other. I got my drink and let Harry lead the way to his car and got his car keys. I opened the door and got in. Before I started the engine I told them a warning, " If you both don't shut your faces, then I won't give any one of you Haribos!" I said feeling very ridiculous considering I'm talking to teenagers and acting like their moms. This was not how I imagined the summer to start like.

YAY! I finally got time to write the 3rd chapter! (: so busy with school! anyways, if there IS SOMEONE WHO IS ACTUALLY READING THIS, please comment I'd just like to know if I'm doing this right. Anyways yeah ! K BYE!

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